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A Chimney Cap Saves Thousands in Repair Costs

Chimney caps are the coverings you see at the top of chimneys. Built from metal, they can cover just the flue opening (called a flue cover) or the entire top area of the chimney, also called a full-width chimney cap.

They’re simple devices, but don’t let their simplicity fool you: chimney caps are able to prevent major and costly damage to your chimney structure.

Five ways chimney caps protect your chimney

signs of a chimney leak, hopewell junction nyThey block water

Without a chimney cap, rain and snow have a clear path into your flue. This can result in damage to your chimney liner, fireplace damper and sections of interior masonry.

Water and moisture in the flue also can lead to an outbreak of harmful mold, which thrives in damp environments with poor ventilation.

They protect the chimney crown

A full-width chimney cap covers the concrete chimney crown, which is in place to keep water out of interior sections of your chimney.

Crowns are prone to cracking, but a good chimney cap will keep water from getting into the cracks and deteriorating the entire crown.

They keep animals out

Birds, squirrels, rodents, raccoons and other small animals love to seek shelter inside chimneys. Once inside, they may find their way down into your home, which you definitely want to avoid.

Worse, some of these critters built nests to give birth to their young. The nesting material can cause smoke to draft inefficiently and back up into your home, carrying with it deadly carbon monoxide. Finally, some animals die in the chimney, which adds to the obstruction and can cause foul odors.

They block falling tree debris

Leaves, twigs, falling fruit and other debris will obstruct your flue passage the same as animal nests. All debris in a chimney can be fuel for a chimney fire should excess creosote ignite.

A chimney cap forms a secure barrier to keep all types of outside objects and debris out of your chimney, protecting the flue and fireplace.

They contain sparks and embers

During a fire in your fireplace (and during a chimney fire), hot sparks and embers rise in the exhaust and seek to get out of the top of your chimney. A solid chimney cap or flue cover keeps these particles from landing on the roof or in your yard.

Repairing a water-damaged chimney can cost big money, especially if the chimney liner needs replacing and large sections of masonry have to be rebuilt. A chimney fire fueled by creosote and accumulated outside debris can be devastating, not only to your chimney but also to your home and those who live in it.

A quality chimney cap won’t solve every chimney problem, but it will solve many of them and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a sturdy protective device in place that will do its job season after season.

chimney cap replacement, hyde park nyHave your chimney cap repaired or replaced

Hudson Valley Chimney of Poughkeepsie, NY, can install the perfect new chimney cap for you or make repairs to a cap with minor damage. We provide other professional chimney services including chimney repairs, component installation, chimney cleaning and chimney inspections.

Get the best for your chimney by calling us today at (845) 471-1071.

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