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Chimney Repairs During The Off Season

It has been a wild and treacherous winter season that keeps on giving. Mass amounts of snow have piled up in Orange County, NY, Duchess County, NY, Ulster County, NY, and other Hudson Valley regions. Several feet of snow has already fallen, and the area is still in the midst of its second snowstorm of the new year as of this writing, with heavy snow, freezing rain, and sleet falling at the rate of up to two inches per hour in some areas. On the bright side, spring will eventually arrive, sprinkling much-needed sunshine around the region and giving folks time to make chimney repairs during the off-season.

Chimney Crown Repairs in Germantown NYChimney Crown

The chimney cap also protects the cement crown that tops the masonry chimney. Unfortunately, many rooftops in Poughkeepsie, NY, Windsor, NY, and surrounding Hudson Valley towns were covered in several inches of snow. It may be hard to believe, but when those tiny puffy snowflakes compact, it weighs as much as a compact car or SUV on your chimney! So, many folks will need chimney crown repairs during the off season.

Chimney Cap / Chase Cover

The metal chimney cap, flue cover, or chase cover that protects the exposed flue pipe from moisture intrusion may need repair or replacement. The heavy snow, freezing rain, and high winds may cause it to crack, rust, or even blow off the top of the stack, allowing water to enter the chimney. Moisture intrusion can cause extensive damage to the chimney and venting system without timely repairs during the off season.


The chimney flashing is the thin sheet metal that creates a watertight seal between the roof and the chimney. But with so much rain and snow in such a short period, the base, cap, or step flashing may be bent out of shape, rusting, or warping, allowing rain and even pests to get inside the chimney. In addition, water stains or peeling paint on the ceiling or walls near the fireplace or stove indicates that your flashing may need repair or replacement.

Chimney Waterproofing

After making your chimney repairs during the off season, we highly recommend homeowners waterproof the chimney to protect the masonry from the next storm. We apply a water-based vapor permeating sealant specially formulated for masonry chimneys. It allows the brickwork to “breathe” so any trapped moisture can escape, preventing further damage to the masonry.


The exposed brick-and-mortar may have also been severely impacted during the storm, especially when there was damage to the chimney cap and crown. One of the first signs of masonry damage is decaying mortar around the joints. As the water penetrates and turns into ice when the temperature drops, the expanding ice crystals cause cracks in the surrounding bricks.

Masonry Tuckpointing in Esopus NYThis freeze-thaw cycle repeats throughout the winter season, which is why tuckpointing and repointing are one of the most common repairs the certified chimney professionals at Hudson Valley Chimney perform during the offseason.

Chimney Repairs Near Me

With record levels of snow, sleet, and rain this past winter, now is the time to schedule a chimney inspection, so you can make the necessary chimney repairs during the off season that will prevent further damage to the structure.

Call Hudson Valley Chimney at (845) 471-1071 or contact us online to request a visit by a certified chimney professional to ensure your chimney and fireplace are safe to operate.

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