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Common Summer Chimney Problems

During the summertime, we think about swimming pools, family vacations, and backyard barbeques; it’s not often that anyone thinks about their fireplace and chimney. If you haven’t thought about your chimney this summer, you should. A number of chimney issues can occur in the summer and, if not dealt with, can interfere with the use of your fireplace. Still not convinced? Here are some common summer chimney problems.

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Storm Damage

Summer storms can be quite harmful to your chimney. Severe thunderstorms can pack high winds and frequent lightning strikes, which can easily damage your chimney. High winds can snap a limb off a tree and do extensive damage to a chimney. Lighting can break off bricks from your chimney and even start a chimney fire. Once your fireplace has been damaged by summer, storm water will infiltrate it and eventually cause it to collapse. The only way to ensure your chimney has not sustained storm damage is to have a chimney inspector examine it.

A Strong Odor Coming from Your Fireplace

As you burn logs in your fireplace during the fall and winter months, a substance called creosote can build up. Creosote is generated every time you burn wood and can quickly accumulate in your chimney. Not only is creosote a fire hazard because of its low burn point, but when the hottest days of the summer occur, creosote will off-gas and fill your house with a pungent smell that is hard to endure. How do you deal with creosote buildups in your chimney? A qualified and experienced chimney sweep service will have chimney experts who know how to remove creosote with the required brushes and cleaning solutions.


When your chimney is not in use, it makes a very attractive place for birds and animals to nest. A chimney shelters them from storms and predators. A nest in your chimney can block the airflow and cause harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide to be forced back into your home. They also leave unsanitary droppings that may carry diseases. Having your fireplace cleaned annually is a sure way to keep wildlife from moving into your chimney.

Structural Damage to Your Chimney

A problem not limited to summertime is structural damage to your chimney. The ground can shift underneath your home for any number of reasons; when that occurs, your chimney will develop large cracks or collapse altogether. If that happens, then it will have to be rebuilt by a chimney sweep service.

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