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Fun, Technology-Free Fireplace Activities

Any family with kids at home knows that they are attached to the hip with their smartphones, iPads, or other technological wizardry. Turning off the technology is a constant struggle in many homes. It’s essential for kids (and parents too!) to power down and recharge while spending quality time together. Sometimes it can be challenging to imagine having fun without tech gadgets, but there was a time when they didn’t exist. Whether it’s a weekend afternoon or a cold, dreary evening, here are some fun technology-free fireplace activities for the whole family.

Smores Campfire Party

smores at the fireplace, beekman ny

S’mores is a simple, delectable campfire sandwich treat that has been enjoyed for decades. The recipe for this sweet treat was originally known as “Some More,” which eventually morphed into S’mores. It’s unknown who invented the warm, gooey chocolatey concoction, but the “Some More” recipe was first published in the Girl Scouts Handbook in 1927. Since S’mores were often made over a campfire, they make a fun fireplace activity the entire family will enjoy. Here’s how to make the classic S’mores treat in your fireplace:

  • Attach marshmallow to a skewer.
  • Hold the skewer over the flame to
    toast the marshmallow.
  • Keep turning the skewer to toast all sides of the marshmallow.
  • Carefully slide the marshmallow onto a graham cracker square.
  • Top with a Hershey’s® chocolate square.
  • Cover with a graham cracker square.
  • Press down and enjoy!

Fireside Storytelling

Storytelling is an ancient tradition that has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks often gathered around the fireplace, telling stories through voice and gestures. It’s a fun, family-friendly activity that anyone can participate in regardless of age. There are many ways to enjoy telling stories, such as one person reading a story to the entire group or everyone taking turns reading a chapter of a book. Another fun activity is called Pass the Story. It’s a fun, interactive story that both parents and kids love. You can get started by pointing to a picture and making up a story to go along with the image, with everyone adding a little more to the story.


Singing songs is another fun fireplace activity that will create warm, fond memories. There’s virtually no limit to the songs you can sing. Some of the most popular campfire songs include I’ve Been Working on The Railroad, Blowing in The Wind, The Happy Wanderer, and The Beatles’ classic, Let It Be. You can choose any favorite song you like or even make up a song.  If you have young children or toddlers, sing some songs they are familiar with so everyone in the family can participate.

games by fireplace, dover nyFamily Game Night

Family game night is a great way to spend quality time together on a chilly evening beside the fireplace. Best of all, you don’t need technology or gadgets to play with. You can pull out your favorite board game, play some cards, play charade, or even create a fun game with items that are already in your house. If you need some game night ideas, Pictionary, Sushi Go, and Codenames are very popular. So, light the fireplace, get the family together, and have some fun tonight.


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