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How Much Are Repairs Supposed to Cost?

Like most consumers, homeowners would like to have a menu of what different repairs are going to cost. Unfortunately, how much a repair will cost depends on several factors. Consider when it comes to purchasing a car, the price will depend on the make, the model, how many miles are on it, the age, etc. Determining a price for chimney repair is very much the same, how much a repair cost will depend on the age of the chimney, the type of fuel, the model, the kind of repair, and even more factors.

Chimney Service Beekman, NYWe understand this is not the answer homeowners want to hear. How will they know if they are paying too much or not enough? No one likes settling on the cheapest option only to find out later that the job wasn’t done right or that it will take many more add-ons to get the result you were hoping for, and you don’t want to end up paying too much just because you didn’t know how much it was supposed to cost in the first place.

A homeowner’s best bet is to find a chimney company with a good reputation. Here are a few tips to help point you in the right direction.

Finding a Reputable Company

  • How do you find a qualified company? One thing to be aware of is that chimney sweeps do not have to be certified or licensed. If a company or sweep is claiming to be certified and/or licensed do your due diligence to make sure that is the case. Organizations like the CSIA – Chimney Safety Institute of America allow you to search for chimney sweeps and companies that have been certified through their agency. You can also enter the name of the sweep or company you are dealing with to see if they appear on the list of certified sweeps. It’s a common practice for companies to only certify a few team members and then claim they are certified but is the person working on your chimney formally trained? It’s important to know.
  • Are they working out of their homes? – We have nothing against small business owners but chimney companies with longevity will have a storefront. If they have been around for a significant amount of time 5, 10 years, or more it shows they truly understand the business, customer service and have experience dealing with a variety of issues. Look for a company that has been around a while.
  • Are they insured? This insurance is not only helpful for them but protects you from any third-party injuries, property damages, or accidents that may occur. Accidents are just that – they are unforeseen. A chimney company with insurance is not just looking out for themselves but for you as well.

Chimney Cleaning Woodstock, NYSpeaking to a professional and getting a professional inspection is always a better way to get the service you are looking for. The Pros here at Hudson Valley Chimney are always prepared to inspect, repair, and consult with you about your specific needs.

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