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Reasons To Install A Fireplace

It was Roman philosopher Gaius Plinius Secundus who said that “home is where the heart is.” It was a phrase that was uttered over 2,000 years and still rings true today. It was also when families would gather around the hearth of a wood-burning fireplace to stay warm.

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Having a fireplace in virtually every living space was a standard feature in turn-of-the-century and historic homes. Today, many homes are built without fireplaces due to the prominence of central heating systems. However, utility costs continue to rise, and many homeowners consider installing a fireplace in their homes to reduce energy costs. Heating the entire house when only one or two people are home wastes money and energy.

Fortunately, fireplaces are no longer the pollutants of their distant cousins. There are various energy-efficient pellet, gas, and even prefabricated wood-burning fireplaces available to provide ample heat for up to 3,000 square feet of living space with significantly fewer emissions. They are also less costly to install, maintain, and operate than their predecessors. Here are a few more reasons to install a fireplace in your home.

Improve Home Décor

Installing a fireplace can instantly transform the home’s interior, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.  With numerous exquisite styles, materials, and fuel options, it’s a natural element that will be the glowing focal point for complementing any interior décor.  Perhaps, the biggest challenge will be the most fun – choosing the fireplace style for your home. Options range from rustic brick or stone masonry wood-burning and gas fireplaces to modern zero clearance fireplaces installed in rooms that are too small for a traditional fireplace.

Take Advantage of Zone Heating

One of the drawbacks of central heating systems is they heat unoccupied rooms in the home. Since every room in the house is rarely occupied simultaneously, fireplaces allow you to implement zone heating.  Today’s fireplaces operate like individual heating units. You can install a fireplace downstairs and another unit upstairs or in every room in your home. Occupants can adjust the fireplace’s temperature to heat the room to the desired comfort level without wasting energy heating the entire house.

fireplace install, columbia city nyIncrease Home Value

A fireplace is a worthwhile investment. According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, a fireplace can increase the home’s resale value by as much as 12%. A survey by the National Association of Realtors revealed that nearly half of homebuyers would pay a higher price for a home with a fireplace.

Generate Heat During Power Outages

If your home depends on electricity for heat, you know that your family can get very cold very quickly when a winter storm knocks out the power. A power outage can last anywhere from several minutes to several hours or days. A wood-burning or gas fireplace will be a beacon of light and continue to spread warmth and comfort in your home during a power outage.

Provides a Touch of Luxury and Romance

A wood-burning fireplace can transform your living space into a cozy nook that adds a sense of luxury and romantic ambiance creating the ideal atmosphere for curling up with your significant other against the backdrop of the crackling flames. At the same time, a fresh aroma of burning wood fills the air.


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