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5 Simple Tips for Keeping Pets Safe Around the Fireplace

Don't leave your pets alone around the fireplaceThe dancing flames of a glowing fireplace not only create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your family, but your furry friends, too. Unlike us humans who understand the dangers of fire, pets don’t.  And the sights, sounds, and smell of a fire can attract their natural curiosity. They may even try to play with the flames. According to the National Fire Protection Association, pets accidentally start approximately 1,000 house fires each year. The following tips will help keep your pets safe around the fireplace.

Pets alone around the fireplace

Supervise your pets around the fireplace and never leave them alone when the fire is lit. You should train your pet to come to you when you call them. They may resist at first preferring to remain comfortably stretched out on the floor in front of the fireplace or snuggled in their bed. But having your pet follow you out of the room will help keep them safe.

keep the toys and bedding away

Our pets seem to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace as much as we do. But the flames, fireplace tools, and the brick surround can be hazards for your pet. Your cat or dog may accidentally throw their toy in the fireplace and try to run after it. Also, downdrafts and hot embers can be dangerous for pets if they are lying too close to the fireplace. One of the ways a pet starts an accidental fire is when a hot ember lands on their fur or bedding. The heat will injure your pet and can also spread to combustible objects in your home, such as flooring and furniture. You will enjoy the fireplace more and avoid accidental injuries by keeping your pet’s toys and bedding a safe distance from the fire.

Install a fireplace gate

Installed fireplace safety gateInstalling a fireplace door and screen is not enough to keep your pet safe around the fireplace. Pets have a keen sense of smell and often investigate with their nose. They can burn themselves while pressing their nose against the hot glass door or trying to open it with their paws. Even when the fire is out, the fireplace is not a safe place for pets. They can get covered in ash, get splinters from unburnt wood particles, or get sick if ingested. Installing a pet fireplace gate is a safety barrier that will help keep your pet out of the fireplace.

Extinguish the fire when leaving your home

It may be tempting to leave your fireplace lit to keep your pet warm while you’re out of the house. But this is not a good idea. It can have hazardous consequences. There is not only a fire risk but a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Fire safety experts recommend homeowners always extinguish the flames before leaving the house or going to bed.

Be Proactive

Pets are a lot like little children. They like to run and play. While you’re enjoying your cup of cocoa or reading a book, you must keep an eye on them around the fireplace. Some pets can be docile one minute then rambunctious the next. A crackle or pop from the burning wood in the fire may pique their curiosity. You need to make sure pets don’t get too close to the fireplace, and you need to be able to take decisive action if they do.





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