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Benefits of Regular Cleanings & Inspections

If you ask a fire safety expert or chimney sweep how often your chimney should be cleaned and inspected, you will get the same answer: every 12 months. You will get more than peace of mind when you schedule regular cleanings and inspections. Routine chimney inspections and maintenance will keep your home safe and fireplace operating efficiently.

Top 3 Benefits of Annual Chimney Cleanings & Inspections

chimney fire prevention, columbia city, ny#1. Reduce the Risk of a Chimney Fire

Chimney fires occur more frequently than you realize. Many chimneys are clogged with flammable substances such as dried out leaves, abandoned animal nests, and creosote deposits. A stray spark or high flue temperatures can ignite these obstructions. Even if the fire is contained to the chimney, it can leave you with expensive repair costs and prevent you from enjoying your fireplace in winter.

A professional chimney sweep will clear out obstructions and creosote hiding in your chimney. We use specialized equipment to thoroughly clean out twigs, leaves, nests, and other debris along with creosote. For severe creosote buildup, we use professional-grade cleaning supplies. Schedule a professional cleaning before a new burning season to reduce the risk of a chimney fire!

#2. Preventing Chimney Leaks

Chimney leaks are a common problem in homes with a fireplace. High winds can dislodge chimney flashing or remove a chimney cap creating a pathway for water to get into your house. Water damage from a leaking chimney can leave you with hundreds of dollars in damage to surrounding walls, ceilings, and floors. A routine chimney inspection once a year can prevent a leak.

A CSIA certified technician will look for any pathways for water to get into your home during a chimney inspection. That includes making sure that your chimney flashing, damper, and chimney cap are in good condition. They will let you know if any action needs to be taken to prevent water from getting into your chimney and causing damage.

#3. Catch Structural Problems Early.

chimney repairs, fishkill nyChimneys endure a lot of wear and tear from within and without. The flue liner could break, or the brickwork could begin to crack and crumble. A small structural chimney problem can become a serious safety hazard if it isn’t taken care of promptly. Internal damage can create pathways for carbon monoxide, smoke, and flames to get into your home. Exterior deterioration can weaken the chimney structure causing it to lean or, eventually, collapse.

A CSIA certified chimney sweep can catch structural problems early. They may discover a cracked flue liner or catalog broken bricks and mortar that need to be replaced. Addressing these problems as they arise will save you money and stress in the long run.

Chimneys attract critters, lawn debris, and creosote. A professional cleaning once a year clears out these fire hazards for you so that you can enjoy your fireplace with peace of mind. During the cleaning appointment, a CSIA certified chimney sweep will inspect your chimney to ensure it is in good shape. They will let you know if they find any issues. Fixing small problems as they arise reduces the risk of an expensive problem in the future.

Book Now to Beat the Rush

The last months of the year are the busiest season for chimney sweeps. If you want to have your chimney cleaned out before the holidays, contact Hudson Valley Chimney Service to set up an appointment today! The weeks between Halloween and New Year’s fly by quickly. Our calendar fills up even faster. Ensure that your chimney is ready for another winter by setting up a chimney cleaning and inspection ASAP!

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