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Salem NY Chimney Sweeps & Chimney Inspections

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Residents in North Salem depend on Hudson Valley Chimney for chimney rebuilding, chimney inspections, masonry work, chimney repairs, and chimney cleaning as well as replacement and repair of chimney liners, chimney crowns, chimney caps, and chimney chase tops.


Our professionally marked trucks can frequently be seen traveling in North Salem, up Rt 116, Rt 121, June Rd., Grant Rd. and Peach Lake Rd. as well as throughout Northeast Westchester County. We also serve the towns Peach Lake, Salem Center, Purdys, and Croton Falls.

Don’t fall for unbelievable prices on chimney services offered by so-called chimney contractors that call you on the phone or come knocking at your door. The market is inundated with chimney service companies that have untrained personnel and a mission to scam homeowners into paying for services they aren’t qualified to provide and that often aren’t necessary. These scammers are confident they can get away with their schemes, probably because it is an unregulated industry and it’s difficult for homeowners to know what’s happening on their rooftop. Hang onto your wallet when such contractors advise you of extensive repairs needed immediately and urge you to pay on the spot, to get things started. If this happens to you, we recommend calling us for a second opinion from our trained experts. It is highly predictable that chimney services calling with remarkably low chimney cleaning prices will produce inferior work, which could mean that your home and family are endangered.

Hudson Valley Chimney Services is your trusted North Salem chimney repair and chimney sweep company. We can be relied upon to provide on-time services at reasonable prices. We provide a written estimate of services you need, and we are glad to explain all of your options.

We maintain the following professional memberships because we know keeping up with current best practices and updated information about the chimney service industry gives us solid standing as the number one most dependable chimney sweep company in North Salem. We are members in good standing of the National Fireplace Institute, Chimney Institute of America, National Chimney Sweep Guild, National Fire Protection Association, NY State Chimney Sweep Guild, and Hearth Patio & Barbeque Association.

Chimney Sweep / Chimney Cleaning in North Salem

The number one cause of chimney-related house fires is lack of chimney maintenance. Our chimney professionals provide reliable chimney cleaning services for North Salem homeowners. When a wood-burning fire is lit, some amount of creosote is deposited in the chimney lining. If the highly flammable substance isn’t routinely removed, there is an increased risk of a dangerous chimney fire that could potentially spread into the home.

Chimney Inspection

For our customers in North Salem as well as Peach Lake, Salem Center, Purdys, and Croton Falls, we offer three different levels of chimney inspections. In performing chimney services, we use the most up-to-date equipment. For detailed chimney flue inspection, we utilize a video camera.

Chimney Repairs

Chimney repairs are frequently needed among North Salem homeowners, and our chimney sweeps are trained and qualified for any needed repairs, including masonry rebuilds. The most common cause of damage is moisture, and it can create the need for extensive repairs.

Chimney Liners

Protection against extreme temperatures in the firebox and chimney liner is necessary. If there is any type of deterioration in either the firebox or chimney flue, it is of critical importance to have needed repair done. If there is a breach in these essential chimney components, the result can be a house fire. Chimney liner repair and replacement services are available for our North Salem customers and those throughout the surrounding area.

Chimney Rebuilding & Masonry Work

The best advantage to having our chimney experts handle chimney rebuilds is that they are all trained, certified, and qualified to perform proper construction that ensures optimal performance of the chimney system. Bricklayers often provide lower bids on rebuilds, but these workers are often unfamiliar with proper chimney function and how to build with that important consideration in mind. Our chimney technicians can be relied upon to get the job done correctly the first time, which is ultimately more cost-effective.

Chimney Caps & Chase Tops

Chimney caps and chase tops also serve to keep moisture out of chimneys. These accessories don’t have the same durability of masonry or mortar. When our chimney sweeps are conducting chimney inspections, they look for signs of wear or damage on chimney caps and chase tops, in case replacement or repair is required.

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Fireplace, Fireplace Insert & Stove Sales / Installation and In-home Consultation

In addition to providing chimney inspections and chimney cleaning in North Salem, we offer sales of fireplaces, fireplace inserts and stoves built by leading manufacturers. We also professionally install fireplaces and stoves. Contact us at Hudson Valley Chimney for an in-home consultation.

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