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They did their typical superb, quick, efficient, professional job

Jan 07, 2020 by 

Larry and Mike were here when they said they'd be and they did their typical superb, quick, efficient, professional job of cleaning and inspecting.I don't see how anyone else could have done a better job.

They Were Fast, Clean & Friendly

Jan 07, 2020 by 

Couldn't ask for better service -- fast, clean, friendly, and effective. Thanks, Larry! J.PARK

Great service overall

Jan 07, 2020 by 

Great service overall.Our technician Joey was punctual and friendly and really fast.!He cleaned up afterwards and was really knowledgeable when we asked follow up questions.

I will certainly call Hudson Valley Chimney

Jan 07, 2020 by 

I met Joe Fagan in Stewarts and began a conversation with him about my chimney. He was thorough and informative about what I needed for repair and maintenance of my chimney. I will certainly call Hudson Valley Chimney for an appointments.

extremely professional

Jan 07, 2020 by 

Joe was right on time and extremely professional. Our chimney is now spotless. We would definitely recommend this company.

Josh is a great technician

Jan 07, 2020 by 

Josh is a great technician, he was punctual and took the time to explain the work he was going to perform and why. He conducted an inspection, sweep and installed a damper.
Once the work was completed he also took the time to explain to me the recommended way to use a fireplace and what safety precautions to take to prevent smoke and have a risk of a fire.
He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I look forward to using Hudson Valley Chimney Services for future chimney maintenance.

I had an amazing experience

Jan 07, 2020 by 

I had an amazing experience with technician, Larry. I would hands down recommend him and Hudson Valley Chimney Services to anyone needing services. It is a busy time of year but they fit us in way earlier than projected. We are first time homeowners so I had many questions that Larry was able to help answer. He was very professional, yet friendly. I had a really bad experience somewhere else, and this was just overall a refreshing experience.

I love the service we received

Jan 06, 2020 by 

We had our chimney cleaned by Hudson Valley Chimney and my husband and I love the service we received. The Technician Joe Fagan was amazing and he did an amazing job. We're satisfied with the services and highly recommend Hudson Valley Chimney.

Professional service

Jan 06, 2020 by 

Joe from Hudson Valley Chimney was a great help for my Aunt with regards to her wood stove. He was on time for the job, did a great job, and didn't leave a mess. I'd recommend his services again in the future. Thanks!

Their service is extraordinary

Jan 05, 2020 by 

I have a gas fireplace that had a burned out light bulb. Robbie was doing a service call at my next door neighbor's house. I took the liberty to go over and speak to Robbie about getting an appointment for him to look at my problem. He explained how I could take the bulb out myself and he would put one aside for me at the shop when he got back. I told him I would stop by the next day to pick it up.
When I went back to my house I took the bulb out as easily as Robbie had explained. I then realized that I might have the exact bulb I needed in my own supply of extra bulbs I keep in my garage shop. I took it over to my neighbor's house to show Robbie and he said it was the right bulb (it is a specialty light bulb).
I returned to my house, replaced the bulb, and put the front of the fireplace back in order. I tested to make sure all of the settings (from OFF to HIGH, with 4 other settings in between) were working properly. They were.
As soon as I finished, my doorbell rang. It was Robbie. He was finished at my neighbor's house and he wanted to check to see how I made out on my own.
I had NO appointment. I had imposed on Robbie while he was doing a completely different job at a neighbor's house. Yet he took the time to help explain to me how I could do what I needed very simply on my own, then took the time to stop at my house to see if I had success in doing the job. And this was all around 5:00 pm, when most people just want to finish up their work and get home.
Robbie went above & beyond to help when he didn't have to, and to even follow up afterwards.
The next day I went to the Hudson Valley Chimney shop and picked up the bulb Robbie had set aside for me like he said he would. (I like to keep extra assorted bulbs around, just in case.)
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Hudson Valley Chimney. Their service is extraordinary and unequalled anywhere.

Hudson Valley Chimney, USA 5.0 5.0 474 474
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