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6 Simple Tips for Buying the Perfect Chimney Cap

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A good chimney cap defends against animal incursions and the elements. It also stops stray sparks from igniting your roof, nearby trees or other combustible materials. Investing in a chimney cap is a simple way to protect you and your loved ones from carbon monoxide poisoning and prevent a house fire or costly repairs in the future.    

What type of chimney cap should you invest in?

There are many different types of chimney caps on the market. We recommend following these 6 tips when buying a chimney cap:

  1. Invest in a long-term option: Stainless Steel or Copper

Buying a galvanized steel chimney cap may be tempting because the price point is cheaper but they are significantly less durable and have a much shorter life than stainless steel or copper chimney caps. A chimney cap should last for a lifetime. That is why we recommend that homeowners choose a stainless steel or copper chimney cap. Stainless steel chimney caps are the best for cost and performance. Copper chimney caps are the most durable and stylish but have the highest price point.

     2. Choose a chimney cap with a lifetime warranty

Another reason that we recommend stainless steel and copper chimney caps is because most come with a lifetime warranty. Galvanized steel chimney caps typically have much shorter warranties.

     3. Check that it can withstand high winds

Sitting at the highest point of your home, a chimney cap is the most vulnerable to damage from high winds. Make sure that the chimney cap you choose is made to withstand strong winds. Also, be sure that it is well secured if high winds are common in your area.

    4. Make sure it has at least a ¾ inch mesh around it

The mesh around the chimney cap is what prevents animals from nesting in your chimney. It also stops embers from slipping through and igniting the roof. To be able to affectively catch embers, it has to have at least a ¾ inch mesh. If it is much smaller than that, it may be prone to ice over in the winter.

   5. Buy the right size and type of cap for your chimney

Before you buy a chimney cap, it is smart to have the top of your chimney measured by a professional to ensure you get the right size and type. Draft issues and water problems can both result from having the wrong sized chimney cap installed. If your chimney is an unusual size, you may need to have a custom chimney cap made.

Not all types of chimney caps work for all chimneys. A chimney professional may recommend a multi-flue chimney cap, which attaches to the crown of the chimney instead of a single-flue cap that attaches to the flue liner, to best protect your chimney. Relying on a trustworthy, CSIA-certified chimney technician is the best way to know what chimney type and size your home needs.

   6. Hire a professional to install it

chimney cap installations in woodstock nyWhether you are concerned about critters or leaks, a chimney cap is a good investment that can last for a lifetime. If you need help finding the right chimney cap for your home in Westchester County, Duchess County or another county in the Hudson Valley, give us a call! Our certified chimney technicians can help you find the right chimney cap for your home and expertly install it for you.

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