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Chimney Repairs

Our expert technicians are here to assist you with not only inspections and cleaning of your chimney, but any type of repair that may be needed. We fix chimney liners, chimney crowns, leaky chimneys, chimney flashing, chimney masonry, fireboxes & more!


chimney crown repair in plattekill ny

Chimney Crown Repair

One part of your chimney system exposed to weather is the chimney crown. Located at the top, the crown protects the flue and internal structures. Any damage to the crown can lead to significant internal damage once water enters through cracks or openings in the cement. Our technicians ensure your crown is sealed or rebuilt if needed. We specialize in rebuilding masonry chimney crowns, keeping your home and chimney protected from water damage.

chimney liner installation in hudson valley ny

Chimney Relining

The chimney liner is an extremely important component of your chimney system. The flue lining helps protect the chimney walls and prevent embers from reaching combustible portions of your home such as your walls or attic. If your chimney liner becomes deteriorated, it is a serious hazard that could lead to a chimney fire. To prevent this, you may need to have your liner completely replaced. There is a wide array of chimney liners and our experts are here to answer any and all questions you may have as to which type of liner works best for your unique needs.

chimney waterproofing hudson valley

Water Repellant

Chances are your chimney is exposed to the elements on a regular basis. Over time, harsh conditions, such rain and bad storms can cause wear and tear on your chimney, especially the masonry. To stop this, a water repellant coating can be applied to the masonry to ensure your chimney lasts longer.

chimney flashing repair in Marlborough, NY

Flashing Repair

Another way to prevent water from seeping into your chimney, roof, or attic is to have any missing or loose flashing repaired. If left untreated, the moisture can lead to mold, damage to drywall, or wood rot, all expensive repairs. By having your flashing repaired, damages from water can be prevented, saving you money in the long run.

chimney waterproofing hudson valley

Masonry Rebuilding

Our company offers a wide array of masonry repair techniques including rebuilding, restoration, and tuckpointing. We have experience with masonry repairs on all sizes and styles of chimneys. If the masonry is affected, the structural integrity of the chimney would be compromised. Our experts are here to ensure that your masonry is fixed correctly and safe for your home and family.

firebox repair in Millerton NY

Firebox Restoration

With prolonged use, your firebox can build up wear and tear. Our experts should repair damage to your mortar or firebricks. Depending on the situation, our experts can handle anything from a repair of the existing structure to a complete rebuild.