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Should You Install a Gas Fireplace Yourself?

Knowing how to do something yourself and being able to do it can be tremendously empowering. Pinterest is filled with beautiful examples of what can happen when ordinary people learn the tricks of the trade, but when should you resist the urge to DIY? This question frequently comes up in the arena of gas fireplaces.... Read more

How Does a Chimney Liner Affect My Chimney?

When you think about your fireplace, is the liner the first thing that comes to mind? Probably not. It’s even less likely you’re thinking- how does my fireplace liner affect my chimney? If you’re not thinking about your chimney liner and how it impacts your chimney, you should be. Let’s take a closer look at... Read more

How Much Are Repairs Supposed to Cost?

Like most consumers, homeowners would like to have a menu of what different repairs are going to cost. Unfortunately, how much a repair will cost depends on several factors. Consider when it comes to purchasing a car, the price will depend on the make, the model, how many miles are on it, the age, etc.... Read more

Chimney Damage Caused By Freeze and Thaw Cycles

Winter weather often does damage to roads, lawns, and even personal health. Chimneys are no exception. Freezing temperatures, ice, and snow can wreak havoc on chimney masonry. Take a look at the chimneys around you and notice, leaning, crumbling, flaking, white staining, these are all signs of water damage. Damage Caused by Cold Weather Ever... Read more

Effects Of A Damaged Chimney Liner

A chimney’s job is often underappreciated. Without a chimney, fires could not be enjoyed indoors, think of the warmth that they provide and the memories that would not be made. We often pay attention to the fireplace itself or the firebox because they are the parts we see most often from the inside but the... Read more

What to Know About Chimney Inspections

Chimney inspections and cleanings are a must to keep your chimney in good working order. A chimney inspection is a project that you may want to try and undertake yourself, but it’s something that needs to be performed by a professional chimney inspector. They understand how a chimney works and the telltale signs of chimney... Read more

Why Is Water Coming Through My Chimney?

Chimneys deal in smoke and fire so it’s no wonder homeowners are alarmed when they see streams of water pouring into their chimney. This can happen suddenly due to intense weather, or it can happen gradually as chimneys take a beating year after year. What has happened, what has gone wrong? The answer may not... Read more

Can I Use My Chimney Without A Liner?

When it comes to your chimney, matters of safety are the highest priority. Perhaps you had an inspection and were informed you do not have a chimney liner or maybe you recently purchased a home with a chimney but no liner and are wondering “how important is a chimney liner, anyway?” We’ll discuss the importance... Read more

How Much Maintenance Does A Gas Fireplace Need?

A fireplace is a thing of beauty, but it also takes a lot of maintenance, especially in winter months with daily usage. If you are considering a gas fireplace then you may be pleasantly surprised at how they differ from wood burning fireplaces. The good news is that gas fireplaces have a well-earned reputation of... Read more

What to Do If Sparks Are Coming Out of Your Chimney

Owning a fireplace is a luxury many people are lucky enough to afford. And with that, comes the painstaking and often relentless need to upkeep and maintain. Having a sweeper come to your home to clean and inspect is essential and is something you can do before problems arise, like embers coming out of your... Read more

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