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We hope that you find our articles on the proper use, care and service of fireplaces, stoves and chimneys interesting and informative. As New York’s Hudson Valley leader for all Chimney Sweep, Chimney Service, Stove & Fireplace installation and Gas Appliance Maintenance we want to make sure consumers have access to this helpful information. Keeping your Fireplace, Stove, Chimney and Venting Systems in top working order is just as important as any other system in your home. Your family’s comfort and safety are our first priority!

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Do You Have Chimney Flashing to Prevent a Leak?

Water spots on the ceiling are not just an eyesore; they are also a warning sign of water intrusion. A leak in your roof can cause a wide range of problems from toxic black mold to hundreds of dollars worth of ruined dry wall and structural beams. Homes with chimneys are more susceptible to leaks. In many cases, the culprit of a […]

6 Tips for Off-Season Fireplace & Chimney Maintenance

There’s a lot going on in the spring and summer, but smart homeowners use a little of this time to see to some very important chimney- and fireplace-related tasks.  Here are six useful tips for making sure your fireplace is ready to run when it gets cold. Tip 1: Inspection and cleaning.  No fireplace should be operated without an annual cleaning and inspection by a certified […]

You Can Control the Health of Your Chimney

Losing your home and belongings to a house fire is devastating. Investing in the health of your chimney is one of the best ways to prevent a house fire. Every year, thousands of house fires occur that could have easily been avoided if the homeowners had taken care of their chimneys. You can protect the safety of your home and loved ones […]

Replacement of a Factory-Built Fireplace

About 75% of all fireplaces in the U.S. these days are prefabricated (prefab), also known as factory-built fireplaces . They are manufactured and assembled in a factory and then shipped out to be installed by professional fireplace installers. Due to the low cost of prefab fireplaces, compared to those built with brick or stone, they are high-profit items for builders. Whereas a […]

6 Simple Tips for Buying the Perfect Chimney Cap

A good chimney cap defends against animal incursions and the elements. It also stops stray sparks from igniting your roof, nearby trees or other combustible materials. Investing in a chimney cap is a simple way to protect you and your loved ones from carbon monoxide poisoning and prevent a house fire or costly repairs in the future.     What type of […]

5 Great Reasons to Consider an Outdoor Fireplace

Your home is likely your largest investment, and it’s a place in this world that’s all your own. When you’re ready for an upgrade, an outdoor fireplace is a great feature worth considering. The same type of cozy warmth and architectural transformation a fireplace provides indoors is equally appreciated in outdoor living spaces. Fires provide a unique primitive enjoyment that never grows old with time. More and more homeowners […]

Has Your Chimney Suffered from Storm Damage?

Along with bringing down trees and powerlines, strong storms often damage chimneys. Sitting at the top of the roof, the chimney is especially vulnerable to damage from heavy rain and high winds. We have even seen chimneys that were struck by lightning. Whether or not your use your fireplace, it is important to take action quickly if your chimney has been damaged. Black mold, interior water damage and insect […]

The Importance of Exterior and Interior Spark Arrestors

A wood-burning fireplace is a pleasant addition to any home, and it’s a great gathering place for family and friends in winter. Safety should always be the chief consideration, however. Potential dangers are associated with fires from wood fireplaces and wood stoves. Precautions are needed. Among the safety steps is using interior and exterior spark arrestors. One stray ember is all it could take […]

Signs that Your Chimney Needs Sweeping

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove? If so, you have one of the most attractive and popular home features—but you are probably well aware. The ambiance of a crackling fire inside when ice is forming on the trees outside is a special pleasure that nothing else can quite duplicate. It’s important to maintain awareness, however, that a dirty chimney can affect the operation of […]

Three Hidden Fireplace-Related Dangers

The popular saying “knowledge is power” is especially true about fireplace safety. Learning about the hidden dangerous a fireplace poses is the best way to protect yourself and your property. Unintentional carelessness is the leading cause of deaths from residential fires in the U.S. according to our nation’s Fire Administration’s (USFA’s) National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). When you use a fireplace, live flames […]

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