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Does My Flue Liner Affect My Chimney Masonry?

Enjoying the warmth of the hearth is one of the joys of living in the beautiful Hudson River Valley, New York region. However, while many folks in Beacon, New Paltz, and neighboring townships understand the importance of properly maintaining the fireplace, many need to realize how a flue liner affects their masonry chimney. What is... Read more

Fireplace Evolution: A Look Back

The evolution of the fireplace is as mysterious as the history of humanity, but first, we had to discover fire. According to the American Council of Science and Health, early archaeological evidence from around the world reveals that humans figured out how to start fires during the Eemian interglacial period over 100,000 years ago. This... Read more

Chimney Myths & Realities

There’s a lot of chimney misinformation out there. Some of the misinformation doesn’t lead to major problems. Other misinformation can lead to catastrophic consequences. To help you avoid both minor and major problems, Hudson Valley Chimney of Poughkeepsie, NY, would like to go over a few common chimney myths and the opposite realities that will... Read more

The Importance Of NFPA Codes And Standards

The top priority of the certified chimney sweeps at Hudson Valley Chimney is to help our customers reduce the fire risk and exposure to harmful contaminants in their Upstate New York homes. Whether performing a chimney inspection, installing a fireplace insert, cleaning the chimney, or making repairs, it must be done per NFPA® industry standard... Read more

Chimney Repairs During The Off Season

It has been a wild and treacherous winter season that keeps on giving. Mass amounts of snow have piled up in Orange County, NY, Duchess County, NY, Ulster County, NY, and other Hudson Valley regions. Several feet of snow has already fallen, and the area is still in the midst of its second snowstorm of... Read more

The Important Job of Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is the material that seals the gap between your exterior chimney and roof. It’s one of the simplest components in a chimney system, but it’s one that can lead to very serious problems if damaged. Hudson Valley Chimney of Poughkeepsie, NY, would like to cover a little about what chimney flashing does and... Read more

What Is That Smell Coming From My Fireplace?

While fireplace odors commonly occur as we spring into the warm and humid months, they can happen any time of year – even in the middle of winter. No, we’re not talking about the aroma of melting chocolate oozing between toasted marshmallows on an open fire sandwiched between graham crackers. Instead, these awful odors have... Read more

Why You Should Make Chimney Cleaning & Inspection a New Year’s Resolution

The new year is almost here, and most of us will be making resolutions to lose weight, get a better job, spend more time with the kids, etc. However, here are a few reasons why scheduling a chimney cleaning and inspection should be on that list too. Avoid the Rush You may ask, “Why should... Read more

Fireplace Saftey During the Holidays

The holidays are a time for gathering with family and friends, and many people enjoy using their fireplace to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. However, it’s important to remember that fireplaces can also be a potential hazard if not used properly. Here are some key tips to keep in mind to ensure fireplace safety... Read more

How to Avoid Chimney Repair Scams

You’ve probably been there before, someone promises to take care of a job for you, and you trust them because you’re in a tough spot and want to give them the benefit of the doubt only to end up in a worse situation than before due to their negligence or greed. I wish there was... Read more

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