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We hope that you find our articles on the proper use, care and service of fireplaces, stoves and chimneys interesting and informative. As New York’s Hudson Valley leader for all Chimney Sweep, Chimney Service, Stove & Fireplace installation and Gas Appliance Maintenance we want to make sure consumers have access to this helpful information. Keeping your Fireplace, Stove, Chimney and Venting Systems in top working order is just as important as any other system in your home. Your family’s comfort and safety are our first priority!

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Common Chimney FAQs

Why does a chimney need to be inspected and cleaned once a year in the spring? Household fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are two serious risks of using a fireplace or stove. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the best way to avoid these risks is to have your fireplace or stove’s chimney cleaned […]

Preventing Moisture in Chimneys & Fireplaces

Cozy fires in a fireplace make a family feel protected against the elements.  It’s important to remember that the chimney could use its own  protection against its worst enemy: moisture. Water can get into the chimney system in a variety of ways, and the damage it causes can be extensive. Chimney leaks are not usually obvious right away, but there are signs to look for that indicate moisture […]

Chimney Waterproofing

Because moisture is the biggest enemy to masonry chimneys, the experts at Hudson Valley Chimney Service, Inc. recommend chimney waterproofing. There are numerous ways in which moisture can intrude into the chimney system, and there are also many different types of damage caused by moisture. Taking a proactive approach and scheduling chimney waterproofing before any damage has occurred is an excellent strategy […]

Are Artificial Firelogs Good Substitutes for Wood Logs?

A fireplace can quickly become a fire hazard if it isn’t used correctly. Seasoned firewood is practically all that should be burned in the fireplace, for safety reasons. One exception is that it’s fine to burn artificial logs. Whether or not artificial firelogs are good substitutes for firewood depends on what’s important to you about a wood fire. Convenience If you mostly care about […]

What Is a Chimney Cricket or Saddle?

Have you noticed that there is water or snow on your roof pooling around the chimney? This is a common problem for homes that have a chimney running through the slope of the roof. It can also be a problem for homes with a large chimney with a width over 30 inches. Whether the problem is caused by the chimney’s size or location, […]

Prevent Costly Chimney Repairs with These Pro Tips         

Chimneys are similar to cars that require periodic oil changes to prevent unnecessary, expensive repairs. Contrary to what many homeowners think, chimneys also need regular care and attention, to avoid costly chimney repairs. Chimney professionals offer the following preventative maintenance tips that can save you a bundle. Schedule Annual Chimney Inspections A fireplace and chimney are subject to many different kinds of damage. When deterioration occurs, […]

A Maximized, Eco-Friendly Fireplace in 5 Easy Steps

Burning wood in a fireplace provides a home with wonderful ambiance, but it doesn’t always provide warmth. In fact, only about 10% of the heat from a traditional fireplace goes into the home, while the rest goes up the chimney. When the fireplace isn’t in use, about 9% of furnace-heated air escapes through the chimney, as well. To upgrade an inefficient masonry fireplace into […]

25 of the Best Hardwoods & Softwoods to Burn in Your Fireplace This Winter

Winter is here to stay. The temperature has dropped and we are already getting a taste of the heavy snowfall meteorologists have predicted for this year. It’s the perfect time to make sure your woodpile is fully stocked with the best firewood. The type of wood that you burn makes a difference. Some woods are more aromatic than others. Some woods burn hotter and […]

Tips to Pet-Proof your Fireplace or Winter Stove

Pets are drawn to the warmth of a winter fire, just like we are. They enjoy a fireside snuggle on cold days, but there are many potential dangers. In a way similar to baby-proofing a house, pets need special protection from solid-fuel heating systems. Whether you have a dog or a cat, safety precautions around a wood or gas fireplace or stove can prevent your pet from […]

Benefits of a Proactive Approach to Chimney Inspections   

Professional chimney sweeps care about families, a sentiment implied by the training they receive to ensure the safe use of chimneys and fireplaces. A clear pattern among customers that causes concern is a lack of appropriate attention given to the potential dangers of chimneys. In fact, many families don’t pursue needed chimney inspections, cleaning, or repairs until a dangerous situation has already occurred. The leading cause of […]

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