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Make Sure to Avoid Tree Limbs Over Chimneys

Among the many joys of residing in the Hudson River Valley, NY region is the lush rolling hills and picture postcard views of the nearby Green Mountain and Adirondacks Mountain range. However, the changing seasons also bring the potential for unpredictable weather patterns. With the potential for freezing rain, gusty winds, and ice, you’ll probably... Read more

Is Your Chimney Crown Cracked or Damaged?

Have you ever laid awake at night worrying about your chimney crown? Probably not, but there are reasons why you should be thinking about it. Your Chimney crown sits at the top of your chimney, it is the cement portion with sloping sides that causes water to run away from your chimney and chimney flue.... Read more

The Importance of Properly Seasoned Wood

There are certain types of wood that burn better in fireplaces than others. Knowing which wood to burn in your fireplace can save you a lot of headaches later. Here’s what to know about seasoned wood: All Firewood Contains Moisture It should be no surprise that wood contains up to 50% moisture. This is called... Read more

Why Are Chimney Inspections important?

Imagine going years without looking in the mirror or checking your teeth. You would have no idea about suspicious moles, cavities, or gum disease. All of it could be right there, literally under your nose but you would be oblivious. This may seem like a ridiculous comparison, and maybe it is, but it’s a little... Read more

The Benefits of a Chimney Chase Cover

A beautiful chimney is a worthwhile investment that adds value to your home. Unfortunately, neglect of chimneys can add up to costly repairs or even structural damage that affects the whole house. The main culprit is often water damage. Water is the mortal enemy to chimneys everywhere and it has plenty of ways to get... Read more

Chimney Crown Repairs

It’s a common thought that a “chimney” is one continuous structure, but a chimney is actually made up of several parts. At the top of the chimney, you have the crown and the chimney cap. There are other parts of a chimney but these two are on the front lines of keeping your chimney strong... Read more

What To Do If You Have a Crumbling Chimney

If you’ve recently purchased a home with a crumbling chimney or just noticed this condition in your own family home you probably have a lot of questions. Why is this happening? Can it be reversed, does this mean I need a complete chimney rebuild? We’ve got some answers for you below that will help. Why... Read more

Common Summer Chimney Problems

During the summertime, we think about swimming pools, family vacations, and backyard barbeques; it’s not often that anyone thinks about their fireplace and chimney. If you haven’t thought about your chimney this summer, you should. A number of chimney issues can occur in the summer and, if not dealt with, can interfere with the use... Read more

Why Your Fireplace Needs a Screen

The beauty and impact of a masterfully built fireplace cannot be overstated.  Fireplaces not only bring warmth and charm but can also set the tone for the whole house. This beauty and comfort are not without some risks. If you knew there was one thing that you could do to increase the safety in your... Read more

Keeping Your Chimney in Good Condition This Summer

It may not seem like it but fall weather is just around the corner. It’s not unusual for chimney owners to experience great disappointment when they go to light their first fire of the season. Neglecting a chimney in summer could mean chimney trouble in the fall. To avoid that, here are 3 ways to... Read more

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