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If you are shopping for a heating appliance that can keep a room comfortably warm at the desired temperature, is highly efficient, enhances your interior décor, can fit in small spaces, and reduces winter utility bills, then a stove may be a perfect choice. They are also reducing your carbon footprint, making them environmentally friendly. Plus, many folks in Hudson Valley install gas, wood, and pellet stoves for zone heating so they don't waste energy and money heating empty rooms.

Why Are Heating Stoves So Popular in Hudson Valley, NY?

As energy costs continue to soar, heating stoves are becoming popular as upstaters seek more efficient and cost-effective alternatives. In addition to their increased efficiency, affordability, and versatility, stoves are available in many attractive styles and sizes, making a traditional open hearth fireplace less appealing to environmentally conscious homeowners. In fact, many of our stoves are EPA-Compliant and may be eligible for tax credits! Plus, a freestanding stove can be installed practically anywhere in the home – as a focal point in the middle of a room, against a wall, or tucked in a corner. They can heat a single room or an entire house, and some models have a cooktop for preparing meals. This makes them an excellent choice for folks wanting a heating system that can do it all.

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Gas Stoves

Our freestanding gas stoves from top-performing brands offer a cozy, inviting atmosphere while emitting fewer emissions than a fireplace. From traditional designs which resemble rustic wood stoves to ultra-modern for a sleek Nordic look, Hudson Valley Chimney has a gas stove that will give your Canaan, NY, home the ambiance you desire. Gas stoves are available in either natural gas or propane fuel.

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Wood Stoves

The timeless tradition and modern craftsmanship are the essence of every wood stove Hudson Valley Chimney sells, installs, and services throughout Hudson NY. And to top it off, many of our stoves are EPA-Certified for efficiency and environmental friendliness, as per US Environmental Protection Agency standards. In addition, our certified professionals offer expert advice so that you get the perfect wood stove for your home and provide unmatched service every step of the way.

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Pellet Stoves

A pellet stove is a great way to heat your home that's convenient and eco-friendly. Fire up your stove with a push of a button using readily available wood pellets and enjoy traditional wood-burning heat without any mess or difficulty. And it's not just fuel you can save - Pellet Stoves offer the ultimate combination of convenience and efficiency.

Warming homes with safe and efficient heating appliances since 1976, the heating specialists at Hudson Valley Chimney will help you select the best stove for your home, lifestyle, and budget. Our Certified Chimney Professionals will ensure your stove is installed and vented correctly for safe, reliable, and efficient heating—serving the Hudson Valley Area, including Columbia County and Hudson NY, since 1976.

Heating Stoves for Sale & Installation in Hudson NY

Hudson Valley Chimney provides expert sales, installations, maintenance, and repair of EPA-Certified wood, gas, and pellet stoves in the Hudson Valley area. We serve customers in Millerton, NY; Esopus, NY; Pawling, NY; Patterson, NY; Lloyd, NY; and townships throughout southeast New York.

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