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Chimney Crowns - Chimney Caps

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of your chimney system. Water intrusion can deteriorate masonry, mortar and liners.

If your chimney crown is showing its age you may extend its life by using a crown coating treatment that lays down a flexible membrane that keeps water out of those small cracks. If our technicians see the need for treatment in order to add life to your chimney crown we may suggest this sealant as a temporary solution.  When the structural integrity of the crown is compromised due to deep cracks or missing cement, the proper solution will be to remove the old crown and replace it with a new cement crown. Many times metal chimney chase tops are used to divert moisture from the chimney. These chase tops tend to rust and leak over time and need to be replaced or removed in favor of a cement top.

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Chimney Crowns

The chimney crown covers the entire top of your chimney opening except for the flues at the top of your chimney lining. Your chimney crown is the cement portion at the top of the chimney that seals out and diverts all rain and snow off and away from the masonry and mortar inside your chimney. Moisture will cause problems when you have cracks or portions of your chimney crown that are deteriorated and missing.

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Full Width Chimney Cap

An Outside Mount Chimney Cap looks very nice and covers the entire top of the chimney including the chimney crown. This can also be called a “Full-Width Chimney Cap”. They are Custom Built to fit your chimney. It is also screened in to protect from the elements, leaves, twigs, animals, etc. This type will also protect the cement chimney crown itself by slowing deterioration.

The Custom Chimney Cap is more like an Umbrella protecting the whole top of the chimney against outside elements while shedding water away from the chimney and flashing. Moisture is the major enemy of your chimney causing damage to the bricks, mortar and interior components of the chimney system. The screened area (spark arresters) keeps sparks and bigger floating particles from escaping and landing on the roof or nearby combustible areas.

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Chimney Flue Caps

Chimney Caps and Chimney Guards save money by preventing damage caused by moisture and debris coming into your flue and lining. At the top of your chimney or flue pipe a chimney cap will block snow, rain, debris, leaves and animals from entering your system. These chimney caps have a mesh screen that guards against hot ash or sparks from spewing out onto the roof or nearby trees. The more moisture you keep out the better, so make sure that your chimney cap is the one for your needs and is attached tightly and securely. Your chimney cap closes the door on birds, squirrels and raccoons so they are not tempted to make your chimney their summer home!

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