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Chimney Crowns

chimney crown repair in poughkeepsie ny

Your chimney system is comprised of many parts, all of which need to be in proper, working order to ensure your safety and enjoyment of a nice and cozy fire. The top portion of your chimney system is the chimney crown. The chimney crown functions to prevent water from seeping into the mortar and bricks that make up the rest of your chimney. It does this by having a slight overhang to the chimney structure underneath. This allows the water to run off and away from the exposed brick and mortar portion of your chimney. Due to the location, the chimney crown is constantly exposed to the elements. Overtime, this can lead to necessary repairs to ensure it is keeping water out of your chimney system. Our experts can handle any chimney repairs needed from a full chimney crown rebuild to a simple chimney crown sealing.


Chimney Crown Rebuilding

If your chimney crown has gotten to the point where it is cracked or missing pieces, it is time to give our experts a call. In both cases, the chimney crown has lost its structural integrity and will need repairs. Some of our expert masons will use mortar to seal up the cracks or replaces any pieces that are missing. Using mortar to patch up a chimney crown is problematic as it is not very weather resistant. It will crack rather quickly and lead to leaks in your chimney system. Instead, a more weather resistant material, such as cement should be used. To provide more structure, steel-reinforced concrete crowns are available that can be cast in place or pre-cast. Aside from concrete, stone or metal can be utilized when rebuilding your chimney crown. No matter what you select, the finished chimney crown would be installed with a slant away from the middle. This will allow the maximum amount of water being diverted away from the chimney structure as possible.

chimney crown repair in poughkeepsie ny

Chimney Crown Sealing

If your chimney crown’s structural integrity is not greatly compromised or any damage is caught early, your chimney crown could be sealed rather than going through a more costly rebuild. If there are minor cracks, a chimney crown sealant could be applied. This sealant provides a barrier that does not allow water from entering into the mortar and brick that comprise your chimney. If you have larger cracks, a special type of waterproof sealing can be applied over the entire chimney crown. A properly installed sealing can add up to 15 years to the overall life of your chimney crown. If you suspect your chimney crown is in need of repair, our certified experts are here to help, no matter how small or big the job. We will provide an assessment of your situation and make suggestions on repairs, as well as how you can maintain the structure once we are gone.

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