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Leaky Chimney Repairs

A common mistake by homeowners is mistaking a leaky chimney with a leak in the roof. Often, damage from a leaky chimney can manifest itself as water damage to your ceiling or walls or water collecting in and around your fireplace. If you notice these kinds of damage, you likely have a leaky chimney on your hands. Our certified chimney technicians can inspect your chimney, determine if it is leaking, and determine a course of action to fix any leaks you may have.

Causes of Chimney Leaks

Often, there are a couple of common culprits that can cause a chimney leak.

If your chimney does not have a crown or cap, water and other debris have direct access to the chimney. If you have a chimney crown that is cracked, water can easily seep in through those cracks. This allows moisture to gain access to your chimney system from the very top to the bottom of your fireplace. If your flashing is not installed correctly, worn, or missing, water can enter where the brick portion of your chimney meets your roof.

On the inside, your chimney liner could be the cause of your leak. The chimney liner protects your flue to ensure embers do not reach combustible areas of your home. Condensation can occur in your chimney due to cooling temperatures. If the liner is deteriorated, this condensation could be the source of the leak.

leaky chimney inspections in Poughkeepsie NY and Wappinger Falls NY

 How to Protect Your Chimney from Water Damage

While there are many causes of chimney leaks, there are steps one can take to help prevent water damage from being an issue. First, check for any drainage issues in and around your chimney. Make sure your gutters and downspouts near your chimney are in proper, working order and are free from leaves and debris. If there are trees near your chimney, make sure they are trimmed back so that any moisture that collects on them will not affect your chimney. Another way to protect your chimney is to hire one of our chimney experts to waterproof your chimney system for you.

Inspections For Chimney Leaks in Rhinebeck NY and Wallkill NY

Think Your Chimney is Leaking?

If you have started to notice water stains on your ceiling or walls, or actively dripping water in your fireplace, give our professionals a call. We are here to help you seal up your chimney to prevent any further damage to your home due to moisture. Even if your chimney does not appear to have an active leak, we are here to do any preventative maintenance you may need to save you potentially hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage.

Our experts have experience in all aspects of your chimney system from the chimney cap to the fireplace, and everything in between, including masonry.

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