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Gas Fireplace Inserts

With the simplicity of an instant fire and higher efficiency, a gas insert transforms a masonry fireplace into a convenient, affordable, and powerful heating solution for any Clintondale, Highland, or southeastern NY home. Choose from a variety of log sets that mimic different wood species in outstanding detail that creates a realistic fire-burning experience with significantly fewer emissions than wood.

Gas fireplace insert installed in Kingston NY

A Gas Insert Offers Many Advantages

Gas fireplace inserts are an ideal option for upstaters that want to modernize an older masonry fireplace into a powerful heating solution with a stunning focal point. And here's the best part: Installation requires no chimney modifications in most cases! Their range of convenient, economical, and clean-burning features makes them a popular choice in the Hudson Valley area. They are also ideal for converting an existing fireplace from wood to gas fuel. With countless stylish designs and options, gas inserts can be tailored to match your unique lifestyle and décor perfectly.


Gas fireplace inserts are very efficient, producing more heat with less fuel. As a result, they will significantly cut your utility bills.


Gas fireplace inserts are easy to use. Flip a switch or use a remote to turn on the gas and enjoy a warm, inviting, fire-burning experience. Although these gas log sets look exactly like natural wood, trust us, there is no need to chop wood, build a fire, or even clean up ashes.


We can install gas fireplace inserts in most existing indoor and outdoor fireplaces, including traditional masonry and manufactured or prefabricated chimneys. They are also available in liquified petroleum (LP) and natural gas fuels. Our Certified Chimney Professional® and home heating specialists will help you select the right-sized unit and fuel options that will perfectly fit your existing firebox with the desired features.


Gas fireplace inserts produce very little smoke or soot, making them much cleaner than wood-burning fireplaces. However, we still recommend annual chimney inspections and professional cleaning to maintain optimum performance and longevity.


Gas fireplace inserts are typically faster and more economical to install than repairing an old masonry fireplace. Also, a factory-built fireplace changeout with a gas insert is ideal for increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs of heating appliances over ten years old.

New gas inserts in Stanfordville NY

From our heart to your hearth. At Hudson Valley Chimney, we know how important it is for your home's living area to have the right-sized insert with features that offer a realistic fire-burning experience. Our Certified Chimney Professionals are highly experienced and can expertly install your liquified petroleum (LP) or natural gas insert according to NFPA standards. Plus, we comply with all state and local building and fire codes. So let Hudson Valley Chimney ensure your insert is the perfect fit for your indoor or outdoor fireplace—serving the Hudson Valley Area, including Columbia County and Hudson NY, since 1976.

New gas fireplace insert installed in Columbia County NY

Gas Fireplace Inserts for Sale & Installation in Hudson Valley, NY

Hudson Valley Chimney provides expert sales, installations, maintenance, and repair of energy-efficient wood, gas, and pellet fireplace inserts for customers in the Hudson Valley area. We serve customers in Staatsburg, NY; Kingston, NY; Poughkeepsie, NY; Millerton, NY; Lloyd, NY; and townships throughout southeast New York.

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