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Fireplace, Insert, and Stove Installs & Service

If you’re ready to cut heating costs with a modern high-efficiency fireplace, heating stove, or fireplace insert, contact us at Hudson Valley Chimney Service. We’ve been in the Hudson Valley area delivering the best chimney sweep services since 1976; and we also offer fireplace, insert, and stove sales.

fireplace install in Poughkeepsie NYMany top brands are among our selection, and our experts can help you choose the heating appliance that’s right for you. Our certified chimney technicians are fully trained to install your new fireplace or stove and ensure optimal operation and safety.

Our team also offers comprehensive maintenance services to keep your heating appliance in top condition. Trust us for reliable and professional service that prioritizes your home’s comfort and safety.

We service wood/gas fireplaces and stoves. We only service what we sell when it comes to pellet inserts & stoves.

gas insert install in Poughkeepsie NY

Gas Fireplace Inserts

You can cost-effectively convert your wood-burning fireplace into a gas heating appliance with a gas fireplace insert. When you have a gas fireplace insert installed, the new unit is placed inside the existing fireplace. A new chimney flue typically needs to be installed at the same time because proper operation depends upon a correctly sized flue. Gas burns clean and conveniently provides instant heat to warm up in winter. Units are available that are capable of heating 3,000-square-foot rooms. It’s important to have the help of an expert when choosing a gas fireplace insert so that the unit is the correct size for the room and can be used as efficiently as possible.

wood fireplace insert install in Poughkeepsie NY

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

You can burn wood in your fireplace while being environmentally friendly and cutting heating costs. A wood-burning fireplace insert is all you need to make these things happen. Wood-burning fireplace inserts are innovative heating appliances. They offer the prized ambiance of wood fires plus other clear benefits. Your woodpile will last much longer and, at the same time, provide 60% to 75% more heat than a traditional wood fireplace provides. Your wood fireplace insert can be as beautiful a centerpiece in your home as any traditional wood fireplace. A diverse range of styles is available.

prefab gas fireplace install in Hyde Park NY

Pre-Fab Gas or Wood Fireplace

Prefabricated gas and wood fireplaces are also known as factory-built fireplaces and zero-clearance (ZC) fireplaces. The beauty of pre-fab gas and wood fireplaces is that they can usually be installed just a few inches from combustible materials. You could choose to install a pre-fab fireplace throughout your home for zone heating, which is a strategy for lowering heating costs.

wood burning stove service and install in Hopewell Junction NY

Wood Burning Stoves

Modern wood-burning stoves are zone-heating units that can be placed in virtually every room of your home. The stoves produce powerful, comfortable heat that radiates from the front and sides. Wood is the least expensive fuel source, and homeowners could potentially cut utility costs in winter by hundreds of dollars. In the event of a power outage, a wood-burning stove will continue to provide heat and can also be used as a stove top. There’s no need to sacrifice on style because wood-burning stoves come in a wide range of attractive styles that could enhance any décor.

gas stove install in Amenia NY

Gas Heating Stoves

With a gas heating stove, you can begin enjoying heat with the touch of a remote control. Efficiency ratings of gas stoves range between 70% and 80%. Venting is also remarkably convenient. If you get a direct-vent gas heating stove, it can be vented directly through the nearest exterior wall. Many models are referred to as decorative gas heating stoves because of the remarkable selection of stoves available.

gas log install in Dover NY

Gas Logs

When most gas logs are made today, tremendous care goes into ensuring that the gas log sets look highly realistic. Details include natural bark patterns, ax marks, knotholes, and forked branches. You can even choose the type of wood the gas logs are fashioned after, including birch, walnut, driftwood, or oak. You get the ambiance only wood fires can create along with the convenience of instant warmth. Gas log sets come in a wide range of sizes, with logs measuring from 12” up to 60” long.