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chimney liner installation in Amenia NYOne of the most important areas of your entire chimney system is the Chimney Liner. If the chimney liner fails, you can experience many serious problems. The chimney liner is the component that carries all smoke, gases and soot up and out of your home. This non-combustible lining needs to be completely air tight to work efficiently. Once you begin to have cracks or pinholes in your lining you are opening a breach that can allow sparks to travel where they don't belong - into attics, ceilings and walls that are near your chimney.

Any time that you convert to a new furnace, stove or appliance you are changing the requirements of your chimney lining and venting system. Make sure that your lining is up to the job of taking care of the newly installed heating system or fuel. Speak with our certified chimney sweeps to discuss the new requirements and the need for chimney relining services.

The number one cause of chimney fires is a chimney liner that has failed. In the Hudson Valley area we have many older homes that had chimneys without linings at all. This is a very dangerous situation and a suitable chimney liner will reduce risks and increase efficiency of these fireplaces. Today the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requires in their code that all masonry chimneys have a liner.

chimney flue liner repair in hyde park nyMany times the right solution is a metal chimney liner, but clay tile or cast liners are also a good choice in some situations.

Whether you need a custom chimney liner replacement or a new one installed with your heating appliance, you can turn to our chimney professionals. We can answer any questions and can access your entire system to make the best recommendation that fits your needs.

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