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Wood Stove

Although many wood stoves have a classic appeal that resembles the centuries-old tradition of a woodburning fire, our modern stoves are much different than those in the age of Lincoln. The wood stoves we sell, install, and repair in Athens, NY, Germantown, NY, and throughout Hudson Valley are among the most clean-burning, energy-efficient, and versatile heating appliances ever built. With so many trendy styles and finishes, from the classic cast iron to the beauty of soapstone, you will enjoy the thrill of an authentic wood fire with the power to heat a room or an entire home. Plus, you will love the lower heating costs too!

Wood burning stove heating home in Germantown NY

Which is More Efficient: A Wood Stove or a Fireplace?

Wood stoves are typically more efficient than fireplaces because they better retain heat inside the firebox and convert it into energy. However, the newer manufactured fireplaces we sell and install here at Hudson Valley Chimney are essentially built-in stoves, dramatically more efficient than a traditional masonry fireplace. So it really boils down to personal space, style, preferences, and budget.

Benefits Of Using A Wood Stove

A wood stove offers many benefits over other heating methods. It is cheaper to operate and provides a warm and charming atmosphere with the soothing sounds, flames, and smells that a natural wood-burning fire experience offers.

  • Versatility: We offer an outstanding selection of premium wood stoves in an array of exciting features and sizes. Some models can even double as a cooktop for that camping experience right in your living space. Naturally, they can also be installed in virtually any room in your home. In addition, many customers buy multiple stoves for zone heating - a big energy saver!
  • Comfort: A wood stove also provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home. The crackling fire is also very calming and will keep your living space comfortably warm on those chilly southeast NY winter nights. And while your neighbors are wrapped in blankets during a power outage, your wood stove will continue to keep you warm.
  • Efficiency: Wood stoves have an efficiency of up to 80%, compared to just 15-20% for an open fireplace. In addition to losing less heat through the chimney, they can heat a larger area – up to 2,500 square feet, depending on the model and size.
  • Sustainable: Wood is a sustainable and renewable energy resource. Burning wood is also carbon-neutral, so it doesn’t release any more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than a natural decaying tree in the forest.
New wood burning stove installed in Shawangunk NY

Warming homes with safe and efficient heating appliances since 1976, the heating specialists at Hudson Valley Chimney will help you select the wood stove that is a perfect match for your home, lifestyle, and budget. Our Certified Chimney Professionals will ensure your stove is installed and vented correctly for safe, reliable, and efficient heating—serving the Hudson Valley Area, including Ulster County and Hudson NY, since 1976.

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Where to Buy a Wood Stove in Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown, NY

Hudson Valley Chimney is your local heating expert for professional sales, installations, maintenance, and repair of EPA-Certified wood stoves in the Hudson Valley area. We serve homeowners in Ulster, NY; Pawling, NY; Lagrange, NY; Newburgh, NY; Fishkill, NY; and townships throughout the Hudson Valley area.

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