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Leaning Chimney Repairs

You may have seen a lot of leaning chimneys in your time, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s a problem that can be ignored! When a chimney shows signs of any type of deterioration or structural shifting, it’s important to contact professional chimney technicians without delay.

Roof Decking Issue

When a chimney is installed along an exterior wall, the exterior portion of the brick has a solid anchor to the home. When the part of the chimney above the roofline is situated on top of the roof decking, however, problems often arise.

Over the long term, the rafters and wood under the bricks on the roof deck can begin to sag, causing the chimney to lean in over the house. This sagging compromises both the structural integrity of the chimney and the overall safety of the home.

We've adopted a cost-effective approach, approved by structural engineers, that provides a long-lasting solution to this common problem. Our method not only addresses the current issue but also reinforces the roof deck to prevent future occurrences.

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Leaning Chimney Repair

The way we address a leaning chimney caused by a roof decking problem is to start out by installing bracing on the interior and exterior of the chimney chase. Using adjustable threaded rigging, pressure is applied to bring the chimney back into alignment. Additional, permanent reinforcements are added to the structure, improving the structural integrity of the chimney from top to bottom. Other needed steps include reinforcing the roof deck and, as needed, repairing or replacing the flashing. Once the chimney is properly adjusted, professional tuckpointing work is done, in order to repair deterioration in the mortar or masonry.

Concrete foundation issue

Chimney structures are extremely heavy. In fact, it is required that dedicated concrete footing is included in the construction of the home, so that there is a proper cement support base for the chimney. Still, things can go wrong, causing the chimney to lean, eventually. Potential problems include

  • The chimney’s concrete footing is improperly sized.
  • The foundation fails as a result of improper water drainage, soil erosion, or volatile contractions & expansions of soil.
  • The concrete crumbles or cracks as a result of shifting soil, water saturation, or time.
  • The clasps and brackets used to hold the upper portions of the chimney in place become worn.

The exposed cracks in a chimney can invite insects and other unwanted creatures into your home. Water intrusion can cause serious moisture damage, and toxic fumes could enter your home when you use your solid-fuel heating appliance.

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Our Chimney Experts Can Help

There are various reasons a chimney structure leans; and, in every case, our experts at Hudson Valley Chimney have the training, skill, and experience to resolve the problem.

Licensed contractors, such as the CSIA-certified chimney technicians at Hudson Valley Chimney, are needed to provide immediate repairs, no matter what the reason is for your leaning chimney. Ensuring timely and professional intervention can prevent further damage and potential safety hazards.

Contact Hudson Valley Chimney today for help with a damaged chimney and all chimney services.

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