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Chimney Caps

installation of chimney caps in poughkeepsie nyHudson Valley Chimney is the top choice for chimney cap installation, replacement and repair. If you are wondering whether or not a chimney cap is a good investment, we have the answer! Although relatively inexpensive, chimney caps can save thousands of dollars in damage by preventing water intrusion & blockages in your chimney system.

What is a Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap is a metal chimney topper that sits at the top of your chimney flue and covers the opening to the top of your chimney. It is designed to keep debris, water, and animals out of your chimney. The metal mesh wrap that is a main component of the chimney cap is designed to keep burning embers from escaping out of the chimney and landing on your roof or nearby flammable objects causing a detrimental fire. This simple feature is actually extremely important to the longevity of your chimney. Having a chimney without a chimney cap can lead to early water damage, deterioration, chimney blockages, or animals taking up residence in your venting system. Our certified chimney sweep technicians will examine the condition of your current chimney cap or offer suggestions for the best type of cap needed for your chimney & venting system.

Avoid Expensive Water Damage with a Chimney Cap

Chimney cap repair in Staatsburg NY

The biggest enemy of a healthy chimney system is water. The homes in the Hudson Valley area of New York regularly face harsh weather conditions and freeze-thaw cycles through our changing seasons. When water enters the masonry material of a chimney, it can cause cracking, deterioration, and spalling. These vulnerabilities can allow water to seep into your chimney system, causing costly and dangerous problems. A chimney cap acts as an umbrella for your chimney, and works to keep water and moisture out of your flue & surrounding masonry. If you install a chimney cap, you can actually prevent thousands of dollars of future water damage by keeping water out of your vulnerable chimney system.

Chimney Caps Prevent Blockages

Debris like leaves, twigs, trash, and animal nests can all create serious problems when they end up in your chimney flue. One of the most important reasons to install a chimney cap is to keep animals and debris out of your chimney flue. Animals and birds love to create a home in your chimney over the summer. If you’d rather not share your home this season with raccoons, squirrels, rodents and birds it’s best to install a chimney cap now.

Storms and incredibly windy days can also cause debris to build up inside of your chimney flue. Leaves, twigs, and roofing material can begin to collect in the flue of your chimney which poses a serious safety risk. If you begin to notice performance issues with your fireplace or heating stove, like back drafts or a smoky fireplace, a debris blockage could be the cause. A chimney cap is the best way to prevent things from falling, or crawling, into your chimney system.

The Best Spark Guard is a Chimney Cap

On occasion, a stray ember or spark may make its way out of the chimney. The last thing you want is for a stray ember to land on your roof or on dry grass or other flammable object. A chimney cap is fitted with a spark guard to catch tiny burning particles before they can land on your roof or surrounding assets. Not only will the spark guards on a chimney cap catch any tiny burning particles, but they can also prevent crosswinds from creating downdrafts in your chimney which can cause issues with smoky fireplaces.

Contact our chimney professionals today to find out more about our chimney cap installation services or chimney cap replacement or repair. It is the best long-term investment that you can make for your chimney’s sake.

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