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Spring is the BEST Time to Add a new Stove, Gas Fireplace, Gas Logs, or Fireplace Insert

Add a new gas fireplaceThe cost of electricity is expected to rise again this year, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Rising utility costs have a lot of homeowners thinking about supplemental heat for the coming winter. Some sources say NY is one of the states with the highest energy costs, as it is. One of the best ways to cut electricity costs is to use alternate, efficient methods for home heating in winter.

The best time to prepare for wintry weather with the purchase of a new stove, gas fireplace, gas logs, or fireplace insert is in springtime, before the coming demands on chimney services. Many homeowners who want to avoid smells coming from their fireplaces in summer often schedule annual chimney inspection and cleaning in early summer. Certified chimney technicians at Hudson Valley Chimney Service have all been fully trained on proper installation of a new fireplace insert, wood stove, gas fireplace, and gas logs. Spring is the best season of the year to get the help of chimney professionals with the installation of new heating appliances.

Wood Stove

Proper installation is essential, no matter what type of heating appliance you buy. It is an issue of safety, for example, to be sure a wood stove is installed correctly. Ensuring sufficient clearance from nearby combustibles is of utmost importance. Walls, furniture, and the floor are all combustible. If the distance from a fire is too near, according to manufacturer’s instructions, a process called “pyrolysis” takes place. The combustible materials become extremely dangerous as a result of the pyrolysis because they could suddenly ignite, whether months or years after improper installation of a wood stove.

The operation of a wood stove is also dependent upon proper installation of the venting system. It is best to leave the work of making connections between the stove and the venting system to professionals. Our trained technicians have an understanding about fit requirements and more.

Gas Fireplace

All solid fuel heating appliances are complex systems, including gas fireplaces and gas logs. Installation must be performed correctly because, in the case of gas fireplaces, a difference of mere millimeters can have a significant impact on the safety and performance of the fireplace. When installed incorrectly, possible issues with a gas fireplace could include loss of heating efficiency and hazardous gas leaks.

Fireplace Insert

fireplace insertExperts are almost universally agreed that a fireplace insert should always be installed by a professional. An insert completely transforms a traditional, inefficient open masonry fireplace into an efficient and viable heat source. By having one of our trained professionals do the measurements by which a fireplace insert will be designed, you avoid the potential problem and expense of having a building inspector advise you that alterations are required. A professional will ensure that the fireplace insert is the correct size and will also install it in such a way that maximum efficiency and safety are ensured.

Don’t delay your preparations for cost-saving winter heat. Contact our chimney professionals at Hudson Valley Chimney to schedule springtime installation of your new stove, gas fireplace, gas logs, or fireplace insert.

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