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Benefits of a Zero-Clearance Fireplace

Zero Clearance Wood FireplaceZero-clearance (ZC) fireplaces are terrific options for anyone living in or around Poughkeepsie, New York, where the average low temperature is 38° in October and -30° in January. The cold weather makes the warmth of flames especially inviting. Seldom are masonry fireplaces built throughout a home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cozy fires in just about any space in your house. Zero-clearance fireplaces provide homeowners with more options as well as other benefits.

No Buffer Zone Needed

ZC fireplaces are built with insulation that exceeds the level of insulation provided by traditional masonry fireplaces. You can install a zero-clearance fireplace into a tighter or more unconventional space than any other type of fireplace because no buffer zone is needed. It is safe to install some models of these well-insulated appliances in mobile homes; just be careful to verify that the model you buy is suited for that purpose.

Easy Installation

Far less time, effort, and expense are required to install a zero-clearance fireplace, as compared with a masonry fireplace. Installation is easy, but manufacturers strongly recommend that the appliances be installed by either professionals certified by the National Fireplace Institute or factory trained technicians, to ensure safe and proper operation.

Less Expensive

Purchasing and installing a ZC fireplace is far less expensive than costs associated with building a traditional fireplace. Concrete foundations aren’t required, for instance. No built-in chimney? No problem! You can vent a zero-clearance fireplace through a safe, affordable, easy-to-install venting system.

Fuel Options

Choose the type of fuel you prefer for a ZC fireplace in your home. The most popular fuel options are wood, gas, and propane. For convenience, you can’t beat a gas zero-clearance fireplace. Simply flip a switch, set a thermostat, or use a remote control to get the flames started.

Energy Efficient

Regardless of the type of fuel used in your zero-clearance fireplace, burning will be efficient and produce low emissions. Clean air standards required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are surpassed by many models of ZC fireplaces. The efficiency ratings are as high as 70%; compare that to traditional fireplaces, which have efficiencies as high as only 10%.

Zone Heating

ZC fireplaces give you the option of zone heating your home, which means you heat only the room you are currently in. Cut off the central heating and watch the cost of your utilities plummet. Zone heating is especially convenient when you have gas-fueled fireplaces.

Wide Selection

YNY Hudson Valley ZC Fireplace Installationou can choose a zero-clearance fireplace from an impressive range of styles. In addition to the many other benefits provided by a ZC fireplace, these appliances are beautiful. Available styles are well suited for homes that are rustic, elegant, contemporary, shabby chic, and traditional.

Easy Maintenance

Pre-fabricated ZC fireplaces are built for frequent use, and maintenance is easier than dealing with the issues related to a traditional fireplace, such as flammable creosote building up in the chimney lining. Annual inspections are important, as with all fuel-burning appliances.

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