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Why You Should Make Chimney Cleaning & Inspection a New Year’s Resolution

The new year is almost here, and most of us will be making resolutions to lose weight, get a better job, spend more time with the kids, etc. However, here are a few reasons why scheduling a chimney cleaning and inspection should be on that list too.

Annual Chimney Inspections in Amenia NYAvoid the Rush

You may ask, “Why should I schedule chimney sweeping and inspection now? Isn’t that typically done in the fall?” Yep, and that’s the point. Most homeowners wait until fall or early winter to schedule an appointment to have their chimney and fireplace cleaned and inspected, and chimney contractors get busy quickly. Waiting until the last minute makes it challenging to get service. Do it in late winter or early spring and be done with it.

Time to Get Repairs Done

Freezing rain and snow take their toll on your chimney. Freeze/thaw cycles cause cracks and loose mortar joints. Furthermore, high temperatures can cause cracked flue tiles, which could allow toxic gases to seep into your home.

It’s best to repair these issues as soon as possible because scheduling an appointment in late fall can be challenging, and some repairs must be done during warm weather.

The most common chimney and fireplace repairs are:

  • Crown repair
  • Flue liner repair
  • Masonry repair

Remove Pests & Creosote Buildup

Critters love setting up their homes in and around your chimney during winter because it’s warm. However, these animal nests block the flue, restric ting airflow and increasing the chance of a chimney fire. Creosote is a byproduct of burning wood and builds up in the flue. Creosote is highly flammable and is a leading cause of chimney fires. Hiring a professional to clean your chimney in late winter or early spring means one less thing you have to worry about when preparing your home for winter.

Eliminate Fireplace Odor

As the weather warms, you probably notice that telltale odor of soot, ash, and creosote wafting through your house. You can try masking the smell with air fresheners and scented candles, but the only way to eliminate it is to get your chimney cleaned by a professional. It’s best to get this done as early as possible, so you won’t suffer from the odor once spring arrives.

Most of us get busy as spring and warm weather approach. It’s easy to put off much-needed household chores and repairs like chimney cleaning and maintenance until it’s too late. If you make it a New Year’s resolution and set a reminder on your phone, you can check chimney maintenance off your to-do list, so it will be ready to go when winter rolls around again.

Professional Chimney Sweeping and Cleaning in Fishkill NYCall Hudson Valley Chimney

Since 1976, Hudson Valley Chimney Service has delivered top-rated chimney cleaning and maintenance services to residents in the Hudson Valley and the surrounding area. We’re a full-service chimney and fireplace specialist, and you can depend on our certified technicians for cleaning, maintenance, repair, waterproofing, and masonry work.

Contact us today to book an appointment for early spring chimney cleaning at 845-471-1071 or visit us at 3647 Albany Post Road Poughkeepsie NY.

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