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Robby Murphy - President
CSIA Certified # 3029

In 1976, I purchased Hudson Valley Chimney Service Inc. I was young, ambitious, and thought I knew it all. Well, over 2 1/2 decades later I’ve taken my knowledge and built a company that can handle any situation, and I’m quite proud of that. It’s an honor to own a company that can provide everything from service of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves and oil or gas fired furnace flues, masonry, chimney caps and custom cap fabrication and installation including copper and stainless steel. Custom color Powder Coating is also available.
In 1990 I became heavily involved with the N.Y. State Chimney Sweep Guild where I became thoroughly trained and experienced in the trade. I became CSIA certified in 1992 Certification # 3029. I am also NFI certified in gas and wood, Certification # 127038. I have held the position of Chairman of the By Law Committee, Ethics Committee, Regional Vice President, Vice President and President of the N.Y.S. Chimney Sweep Guild.

I have held numerous seminars educating other chimney sweeps on installations and restorations of fireplaces and chimneys. I have been an instructor at the N.Y. State, Northeast and National Chimney conventions.

I started Ashleigh’s Hearth & Home, Inc. in May of 2002 as a retail store. As with Hudson Valley Chimney, I have separated myself from the competition by continuing education and quality products and outstanding service.

I have maintained involvement in every aspect of my business. As you read the self written biographies of my team, you will see them refer quite often to the extensive amount of training they receive. To me, there’s only one way to do anything and that’s the right way. The only way to build a company is with employees that are in it for the long haul and provide them with everything they need to make it that far. We’ve achieved that goal, but I say we can always do more. We can always do more for you. I’ve invited guest speakers to come to our company meetings to guide and help motivate my team and fine tune their skills. I’ve taken extra steps to attain training that is not required by the above listed organizations because I feel it’s what makes us so great at serving you. I intend to continue in this industry until my retirement.

So remember Hudson Valley Chimney Service, Inc. the next time you take a look at your chimney.


Tracey Bowser - Office Manager - CSIA Certified # 6888

For over two years now I have acted as Office Manager for Hudson Valley Chimney Service, Inc. It's been my goal since the beginning to ensure speed and accuracy while strengthening the overall experience for you, our customer.. It’s more than simply making a phone call and waiting for your appointment date. It’s about having someone there to ensure you get everything you need for your hearth and chimney related projects. Hudson Valley Chimney, Inc. requires its employees to be certified through The Safety Institute if America (Certification # 6888) and that was one of the main things that drew me to this company. Hudson Valley Chimney Service, Inc. has taken an active interest in my education. I take my job very seriously and I take it upon myself to learn as much as I can about the chimney industry as a whole. It allows me to better comprehend your needs and properly schedule your appointments. This way, when a technician arrives at your home, he’s well informed and has the time he needs to address all of your concerns.

Hudson Valley Chimney Service, Inc. continues to grow at an impressive rate and my primary goal is more than to simply insure customer service quality is maintained; it’s to make sure customer service quality is always improving. With over 10 years of management experience, you can rest assured that your projects will be completed in a timely fashion with me keeping in good communication with you every step of the way. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and I look forward to speaking with you about your next project soon.


Larry Cookinham - Service Mangager - CSIA Certified # 6881

I have worked with Hudson Valley Chimney Service, Inc. since November of 1991. As of 1997, I have worked in the capacity of Hudson Valley Chimney’s Service Manager. During my many successful years here, I have had the opportunity to provide our customers with the service and education they need to maintain safe and working hearth appliances in their homes. Pressure and downdraft issues, creosote buildup, optimal appliance operation, chimney maintenance, water issues and more serious concerns for home owners and should be addressed by a serious company.

I continually receive the education necessary to stay current and in compliance with the codes and standards of our industry. I remain actively involved and maintain current membership in such industry essential organizations as The National Chimney Sweep Guild, New York State Chimney Sweep Guild and The Chimney Safety Institute of America (certification # 6881).

I have participated in numerous seminars and have acted as teacher on several occasions: teaching new sweeps the ins and outs of liner installation and fireplace maintenance and repair as well as the intricacies of the National Fire Protection Association 211 and New York State Building Code Standards.

Over the years I have held many positions within the New York State Chimney Sweep Guild including; Coordinator for the New York State Summer Workshop Committee; Board Member for the Northeast Chimney Sweep Convention for three years; 914/845 Regional Vice President for the New York State Chimney Sweep Guild.

Various awards have been presented to me including The Andy Shukal Award; the highest award from the New York State Chimney Sweep Guild for dedication and service to our industry. I have been featured in Dutchess Magazine (Feb. 2002) and in the Poughkeepsie Journal (Sept. 2002) as well as appearing on television to speak about chimney safety.

Hereafter I plan to continue to provide Hudson Valley Chimney, Inc. customers with the education and service needed to ensure their home’s hearth appliances operate at an optimum level. My ongoing education will allow me to keep current with all codes and standards. In addition, I will continue to train and educate our new employees to ensure consistent work force dedicated to complete service. I am committed to this company’s desire to thrive and grow toward the path of excellence: just as it has been since my inception with this company many years ago.

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