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Summer Is The Perfect Time For A Fireplace Makeover

When the winter sing-a-longs are done, and decorations have been put away, a fireplace can go through a bit of an identity crisis. Many people keep the same things on their mantel year ‘round along with the same unburnt logs but Summer is a great time to liven up your space by beginning with the focal point of your living area, your fireplace. Before decorating your mantel and fireplace, a chimney inspection and a professional chimney cleaning can put your heart at ease. It can also keep you from having to remove all your décor to make way for future repairs. A fireplace actually has 3 places to decorate. The mantel, inside the fireplace, and the hearth. The hearth is a space that extends about 16” to 20” in front and to the sides of your fireplace. These 3 areas can be decorated in a way that gives life and joy to your fireplace during the winter months and beyond.

Fireplace install Lagrange, NYThe Mantel

You don’t need a degree in interior design to nail decorating your mantel. Follow these simple steps for eye-catching decorations.

  • The first thing is to follow the “rule of 3,” items grouped in 3s are appealing to the eye and seem as though they are a part of a collection. It prevents items from looking sparse or random.
  • Choosing items of varying height can add interest and depth. Pick a few beloved items being careful not to resort to clutter. Even 2 items of different heights will work.
  • Having a few interesting pieces on the mantel allows the eye to focus rather than being confused. Consider “Layering” your artwork, this can be done by having a small, medium, or large approach to your artwork and leaning one piece against another. The effect can also be created with vases, decorative balls, mirrors, or candlesticks. If this seems to be too much for you – try using only 2 sizes like medium and large, small and medium, small and large until you achieve the look you want.

Inside the fireplace

  • Logs – Decorating the inside of a fireplace with logs is probably the easiest and most intuitive route. Cleaning the firebox and replacing unburnt logs with fresh logs in interesting stacks or colors is a great way to welcome a new season and freshen up your fireplace.
  • Candles – White candles of varying lengths can be very attractive. They give off that same feeling of warmth without feeling dated or season-specific.
  • Be creative – Think about what you love and decorate accordingly, do you have a collection of urns and vases, try displaying them inside your fireplace. Do you have a green thumb? Plants in pots of different sizes or one large plant can look very fresh. Try placing your favorite books in stacks. Another choice is artwork or attractive screens, there is no limit to the imagination here. Trust your eye and adjust the design to what speaks to you.

Chimney Masonry, Rebuilds Esopus, NYThe Hearth

When it comes to the hearth much of the same ideas apply as those concerning the mantel -remember the rule of threes and layering. One extra thing to keep in mind is consistency and flow. A flow from the mantel to the hearth will keep the two locations connected rather than feeling disjointed. If the predominant color is black and white on the mantel, there should be something on the hearth that ties the two together. If wood decorations are used on the bottom then a few wood accents on the mantel will help things feel more cohesive.

When it comes to decorating your fireplace beyond traditional holiday décor trust your instincts, resist the urge to resort to clutter, and try those 2 techniques of using the rule of 3 and layering to get that designer look. If you are at the beginning stages and need to schedule a chimney cleaning or chimney inspection call Hudson Valley Chimney at
845-471-1071 or contact us online for all of your fireplace and chimney needs.

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