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Five Good Reasons to Put Glass Doors on Your Fireplace

Glass Fireplace DoorsWhen people think of glass fireplace doors, the first thing that often comes to mind is safety. And that’s true – sturdy doors that seal off the fire from the room are outstanding in providing a much greater level of safety to everyone, particularly children and pets. But there are many other reasons homeowners choose to install glass doors on their fireplaces. Let’s look at four of them.

  1. Appearance. Modern glass doors are built not just for function but also to blend in as part of the décor of virtually any room design. There’s an abundance of styles available from contemporary to traditional to rustic and everything in between. Today’s glass doors are easy to clean, so that everyone can see the roaring fire behind the shiny panes.
  1. More heat. It’s estimated that as much as 80 percent of the heat produced in an open fireplace goes right up the chimney. On top of that, experts believe that, on average, only around 10 percent of the energy that’s created when burning logs in a conventional fireplace becomes actual heat. The addition of glass doors can triple the amount of heat your fire is producing and radiate the comforting warmth into the room.
  1. Backdraft reduction. When properly installed, glass fireplace doors will significantly cut down the power of backdrafts. Because a fireplace is an open system, it’s not hard for drafts within a home to suck outside air down the chimney. Glass doors stop this problem – and keep smoke and sparks out of the room should a minor draft occur.
  1. Less money spent on utilities. The cost of heating and cooling a home in traditional ways continues to rise. With an open fireplace, both warm and cool air can escape to the outside, causing more warmth and cooling to be generated inside the house. With tight-sealing glass fireplace doors, the inside air temperature is much easier to maintain. They also keep outside air where it belongs: on the other side of the doors.

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These are all good reasons to consider having a set of handsome fireplace doors installed on your fireplace. And as we mentioned in the beginning, the safety factor is another good reason. Although glass doors do get hot when a fire is burning behind them, they provide a very secure barrier between kids, pets and others and the roaring flames. You can further secure your fireplace by adding a fireplace screen.

Every year, a very high number of injuries occur because someone got too close to the fireplace. Prevention is always the best safety measure, and with glass fireplace doors, you’re doing just that. In addition, many fires are caused by sparks flying from the firebox and igniting rugs, carpet or furnishings. Quality doors will keep that from happening in your home.

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