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Five Ways a Chimney Cap Can Save You Money

Chimney caps are fairly simple components installed at the top of your chimney to protect the flue opening. Full-width caps also cover and protect the chimney crown and provide a run-off to keep water away from the masonry. As simple as chimney caps are, they can save you big money and a lot of hassle.

Hudson Valley Chimney of Poughkeepsie, NY, would like to show how a chimney cap can save you money on repairs and possibly save your home.

chimney cap repairs in plattekill nyChimney cap design

While there are various chimney cap designs, they all feature a solid top and mesh sides. The top keeps stuff out of the flue, while the mesh allows smoke and combustion gases to exit the chimney structure.

Chimney caps function on their own with no moving parts. Maintenance is minimal, and a good cap will hold up well for many years.

Here are five reasons why having a chimney cap installed is a smart idea.

Chimney caps block debris

An open chimney flue is an invitation to leaves, twigs and other debris from nearby trees. Once inside the flue, this debris can create an obstruction and send smoke and carbon monoxide into your home. It can also cause fires to be harder to start and burn sluggishly and incompletely due to the lack of a proper draft.

Prevention of animal invasions

Open chimneys are also invitations to birds, squirrels, rodents, raccoons and other small animals that like to live in chimneys. Some of these animals use chimneys as nesting grounds, and the nesting material can create a flue blockage. The bodies of the animals that die inside the chimney add to the blockage. Chimney caps keep animals out.

An umbrella for your chimney

It’s well-known in the chimney industry that a chimney’s #1 enemy is water. With an uncovered flue, rain and snow can come right in. Problems that often result include:

  • Damage to the chimney liner, which may lead to the escape of poisonous combustion gases and flames
  • Rusting on the fireplace damper, making it inoperable
  • Eventual masonry deterioration from the inside out
  • Mold growth in areas of the chimney you can’t easily see or access

Roof protection

A chimney cap’s mesh sides keep sparks and embers inside the flue. An unprotected chimney top will let burning particles fly out and land on the roof. Depending on how many particles land, this could cause minor or serious roof damage.

Reduction of downdrafts

Wind blowing down your chimney is a problem. During a fire, it can blow soot and fiery sparks into the room and damage furniture, rugs and more. A secure chimney cap blocks the majority of the outside wind that causes downdrafts.

chimney cap installations in poughkeepsie nyChimney cap maintenance

The only maintenance needed for a chimney cap is periodic cleaning to wash soot, creosote and debris out of the mesh. A periodic visual inspection will let you know if the cap has become damaged.

Do you need a chimney cap?

If you’re operating your chimney without a full-width, custom chimney cap, you’re risking all of the above problems as well as water damage to your concrete chimney crown. Hudson Valley Chimney can help you prevent this.

We install quality chimney caps and provide chimney inspections, chimney sweeping and all types of chimney repairs. Speak with an expert today at (845) 471-1071 or get in touch through our handy contact form.


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