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Install a Chimney Cap Before Winter

chimney cap installation in Hudson Valley area of NYYou may have seasoned logs stacked up and ready for cozy home fires but still not be as ready for winter as you may think. If there is no chimney cap on your chimney, the time to get one is now. There are important functions served by chimney caps year around. No need to wait to start benefiting from arguably the best fireplace appliance you can get, for the money.

What is a Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap is an accessory that should be considered a standard feature. Installed at the top of chimneys, chimney caps are available in several types of materials and many different styles. Single flue caps are economical options available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, and copper. Multi-flue options cover both the flue and the chimney crown. Other types of chimney toppers are decorative shrouds, clay chimney pots, and copper pots. Copper is the most expensive and beautiful material used for chimney caps.

Benefits of a Chimney Cap

The heart of the issue, as regards chimney caps, is that they provide benefits that contradict the affordable cost to purchase and install them. See the following to answer the question, what are the benefits of chimney caps?

  • The most obvious benefit to installing a chimney cap is that moisture is prevented from pouring down the chimney. Since moisture is the number one enemy of chimneys, this is truly a major cost-saving benefit. The potential damage caused by moisture is tremendous. Your ceilings and walls around your fireplace could suffer moisture damage if your chimney leaks. If moisture gets inside masonry, freezing and thawing cycles can cause the bricks or stones to flake and break off. The entire chimney could begin leaning and could collapse altogether because of moisture damage.
  • When you have a chimney cap with wire mesh, animals are prevented from entering your chimney. Small animals are often drawn to the warmth on the roof, including raccoons, squirrels, and snakes. Some animals get inside the chimney and can’t get back out. It’s not unusual for an undetected trapped animal to die in the chimney, which creates a horrible stench and a potentially dangerous situation. Professionals should be relied upon to remove animals from a chimney, whether the creatures are living or dead, due to threat of disease.
  • Chimney Swifts - Chimney Sweeps in NYBirds are also frequently attracted to chimneys. They build nests inside flues, causing a dangerous obstruction. If a bird called a chimney swift sets up house in your chimney, you are required by federal law to leave them be. They generally occupy a chimney by the droves, build nests, hatch chicks, and continue their migration once the little ones can be independent. If you don’t install a chimney cap after going through the racket of boarding chimney swifts, they will be back again and again, as long as there is access.
  • Chimney caps provide added protection. The mesh serves as a spark guard that will prevent hot embers from starting fires on the rooftop or other combustible materials.
  • Finally, chimney caps prevent down drafts, which can help with your utility costs. Keeping the cold air from blowing into your home is something that can be appreciated in freezing winter weather.

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