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Is Your Fireplace Increasing Your Summer Cooling Costs?

fireplace and chimney cleaning in hyde park nyOn a hot summer day, it can be a pleasure to relax indoors next to a charming mantel in the air conditioning. Unfortunately, sitting beside your fireplace could be uncomfortably warm, even without a fire going, if your fireplace is not energy efficient. Hot air from outside can come down the chimney, heating up the room and forcing your air conditioner to work over time. Taking steps to improve your fireplace’s efficiency can cut down on your summer cooling costs and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Fireplaces are known as energy eaters because chimneys create a pathway for heated or cooled air to escape and air from outside to come in. This forces your HV/AC system to exert more energy to keep your home at your desired temperature in the summer and winter, increasing your energy bills. There are two solutions that can solve this problem:

  1. Installing a top sealing damper
  2. Installing glass fireplace doors

Why Install a Top Sealing Damper?

A damper is like a vent for a chimney. When your fireplace is in use, the damper should be opened to let smoke out. When your fireplace isn’t being used, it should be closed to prevent air going in and out. Most fireplaces have a throat damper that sits in the throat of the chimney, right where the firebox and chimney meet. This type of damper is usually made of metal. Since it is located closer to the fire and is made of metal, it doesn’t seal tightly when closed and tends to warp or corrode over time.

Top sealing dampers are more effective. This type of damper is installed at the top of the chimney. It usually has a rubber-type seal that ensures it closes tight. Since it is located further from the flames, it is less likely to get warped or damaged by the high temperature of fires. Having a top sealing damper installed can eliminate fireplace drafts, when the damper is closed, making your home more energy efficient.

Why Install Fireplace Doors?

Glass Fireplace DoorsInstalling fireplace doors can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and cut down on drafts. Glass fireplace doors seal tightly when they are closed. They prevent air from escaping up the chimney and stop drafts from flowing into your home. Another benefit of installing glass doors is that your fireplace will be safer. Glass fireplace doors prevent logs from rolling out of the firebox and stop hot embers and sparks from landing on nearby furniture or loved ones.

You don’t have to stuff your fireplace with pillows or board it up to cut down on drafts. Instead, invest in smart energy efficient fireplace solutions that will keep your cooling and heating bills low year after year!

To learn more about the benefits of a top sealing damper or fireplace doors, give us a call! We can come to you for an in home consultation. We will be happy to share honest advice about which fireplace doors are best or inspection your chimney to determine what type of damper your fireplace has now and what condition it is in. All of our chimney sweeps are fireplace experts with experience expertly installing chimney components like dampers and glass doors.

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