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Should You Install a Gas Fireplace Yourself?

Knowing how to do something yourself and being able to do it can be tremendously empowering. Pinterest is filled with beautiful examples of what can happen when ordinary people learn the tricks of the trade, but when should you resist the urge to DIY?

This question frequently comes up in the arena of gas fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are stylish and often demand less maintenance than traditional fireplaces, so it is no surprise that more and more homeowners are considering gas fireplaces for their space, but is this a job that anyone can take on, or is it one for the professionals? Let’s find out.

Gas Fireplace Installation in Stanfordville, NYState Rules and Regulations

One reason to pause before installing a gas fireplace yourself is the regulations involved. It’s easy to think “my home, my fireplace, what’s the problem?” but there are many codes and regulations that have been formed with the intention of keeping each dwelling safe. For that reason, gas fireplaces are regulated by each state, city, and even county.

It takes time and thorough research to find out what these regulations are. Ignoring these regulations can breach safety codes, cause fines, or make it difficult to sell the house in the future. Most homeowners opt to call in a professional to avoid running into legal problems.

Safety Issues

Besides unnecessary legal woes, one other concern is the safety issues involved in a project like this. A gas fireplace will have gas lines that could cause terrible danger including explosions if not handled correctly and Injury or death could be the result. Doing it yourself can be fun, educational, and sometimes less expensive but the knowledge of a chimney professional is invaluable as they could potentially save lives. A professional installation guarantees that the person doing the job knows the ins and outs of dealing with gas and the safety issues that could possibly arise. Something like this should not be left to chance.

Underestimating the Cost

“Measure twice cut once” is a saying more often repeated than it is followed. Mistakes in measuring and construction are common, and these mistakes can lead to grossly underestimating the cost of a project. Many a homeowner has been left with projects only halfway completed because they ran into unforeseen repairs and then ran out of money.

The best option is always to find the right professional to complete the project. You’ll be dealing with someone who has the experience and knows what to look out for, yes, surprises can pop up but it’s much better than having to stave off issues that could have been avoided.

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