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Three Crucial Reasons Chimney Liners Need to Be Replaced

chimney liner hopewell junction nyChimney liners serve three primary functions. And whether protecting the home from a potential house fire, protecting masonry from combustion byproducts, or aiding in the optimum efficiency of appliances, chimney liners must be undamaged to perform correctly. When it comes to replacing a chimney liner, the ultimate purpose is to ensure the safe use of fireplaces and other fuel-burning appliances. There are three main reasons a chimney liner requires replacement, as follows:

1 – While all homes in the U.S. have been required for decades to have lined chimneys, some unlined chimneys are still in existence. It is very hazardous to use an unlined chimney for several reasons. First, an unlined chimney is a fire hazard. Combustibles near the chimney can catch fire because they aren’t protected from the intense heat in the chimney. In addition, toxic gases, including deadly carbon monoxide, can seep through breaches in the masonry and enter the home. Carbon monoxide causes more poisoning fatalities in the nation than any other kind of toxin. Another problem is that the masonry is much more prone to lean and collapse.

If a cast-in-place liner is installed in a previously unlined chimney, the result will be renewed structural integrity. These types of liners can withstand extreme temperatures and are suitable for all fuel types, including wood, gas, and oil.

2 – Over time, chimney liners become damaged; though it can take up to 50 years for deterioration to occur. When there is a crack or any type of breach in the lining, combustible materials near the chimney are exposed to heat. The result can be a dangerous house fire. A home becomes vulnerable to a house fire if there is even the tiniest crack in the chimney lining.

It can be challenging to identify the need for a new flue. Most fireplaces are installed with clay tile liners because they are both durable and cost-effective. If you ever see crumbled clay tile in your fireplace, it’s an indication that the lining is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.

clay tile chimney liner hyde park nyAnnual chimney inspections are recommended, and it may require the help of a certified chimney technician to discover evidence that the flue is damaged. Seeing down the length of the chimney is difficult; our professionals use cameras to closely inspect chimney flues from top to bottom. They can correctly identify your chimney liner’s condition and give you the peace of mind of knowing the all-important liner is in good shape.

3 – When a chimney is used to vent a new appliance, such as a wood stove, it’s important to ensure that the flue lining is the proper size, according to manufacturer’s instructions. When a liner is the wrong size, chimney drafting problems and an excess buildup of creosote can occur. Without a proper draft, the appliance can’t operate efficiently. And too much flammable creosote can cause a hazardous chimney fire.

A correctly fitted and sound chimney liner is an important safety issue. If you are unsure of the condition of your chimney liner, contact our chimney professionals today.

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