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Three Styles of Gas Burning Hearth Appliances

Gas FIreplacesNot much beats the atmosphere that fireplace provides. Relaxing by a cozy fireplace is something that most homeowners enjoy, so it’s no wonder that fireplaces are one of the most sought-after features when purchasing a home. But not everyone loves the hassle and mess associated with a wood burning fire. That’s why gas fireplaces and gas stoves have become extremely popular with busy homeowners. Dancing flames are never more than a flip of a switch away, and cleaning & maintenance are next to nothing.

If you are considering the convenience of a gas appliance, check out the three types of gas fireplaces available. Our professional fireplace experts can help you decide which style will be the best for your heating needs and current layout if you need more assistance!

Zero-Clearance Gas Fireplace

ZC Gas Fireplaces are perfect for spaces where a traditional masonry fireplace would not practical. These pre-fabricated fireboxes are designed to be installed directly into wall frames and require very little buffer zones, making them a great addition for small rooms, bathrooms, or dens. ZC Gas Fireplaces can safely be placed directly against combustible materials thanks to innovative design and technology. They are also more affordable than rebuilding or constructing an entire masonry fireplace, so they’ve become an economical choice for fireplace makeovers.

Here are some other additional benefits homeowners can enjoy when owning a ZC Gas Fireplace:

  • Installation is quick & hassle-free
  • Increased heat efficiencies of up to 70%
  • Great for zone heating, but can also act as a heating power house and warm your entire home
  • Some models include fireplace doors which help add a safety feature while increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the unit
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and BTU output so you can find the model that will deliver the heat you need in the size your space requires
  • A variety of convenient features like flame height control, heat output control, remote or switch access, fan blowers for better heat transfer, and more

Gas Fireplace Insert

Gas fireplace inserts have become increasingly popular with homeowners who want to update their open burning fireplace in a quick & economical way. A gas fireplace insert can be installed directly into the opening of your current fireplace and it will instantly upgrade your heat efficiency. Homeowners can save on the cost of rebuilding or renovating their current masonry fireplace AND they will also get better heat output and increased heat efficiencies with their new gas unit.

Fireplace inserts have added insulation that helps the unit warm more effectively. Plus, many models come with high powered blowers that will effectively transfer the heat into your room instead of letting it escape out of the chimney like an open burning fireplace. Not to mention, gas fireplace inserts require far less maintenance than a wood burning unit, so homeowners can enjoy a burning fire without worrying about dumping ashes and chopping or storing messy wood.

Free-Standing Stove

Gas Burning StoveGas heating stoves look much like their wood burning cousins, but they provide more convenience and are easier to use. These heating units combine old world charm with modern conveniences and are a great addition to rooms where a fireplace cannot be added.

Gas heating stoves come in direct-vent and vent-free varieties, and our heating pros can help you decide which is the best for your space and your heating needs. Available in a number of different sizes and styles, homeowners will be able to find a model that perfectly complements their current décor. From sleek and modern to rustic & traditional, gas stoves are as unique as the homeowners who purchase them.

Installation requirements are flexible and often times homeowners choose a free-standing gas stove because they are more practical and economical than their wood burning counterparts. Direct-vent gas stoves can be vented through an exterior wall or even out of the ceiling so a masonry chimney is not required.

If you want more information on gas burning appliances, give us a call. Our friendly & knowledgeable professionals can help direct you to the perfect gas fireplace or stove for your needs. We can also provide professional installation and maintenance to ensure that your new gas appliance will function properly and safely. We look forward to hearing from you!

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