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Top Your Chimney in Style

Chimney Cap InstallationsA chimney doesn’t have to necessarily be just a square or rectangular construct jutting out from the roof of your home. Chimneys can be modified to present a striking aesthetic, while making your life indoors safer. How? With a well-made chimney cap or shroud.

Both products serve as important barriers to twigs, leaves, general airborne debris and rain. Operating a fireplace and chimney without some kind of “upper-level” protection simply isn’t smart. But modern chimney caps and shrouds do more than just protect. They also look great.

Let’s investigate these two useful chimney accessories.

Chimney caps

Aluminum, stainless steel and copper are three of the materials used in the most popular styles of chimney caps. Copper seems to be preferable in many areas because of its durability and beauty.

Some homeowners are so thrilled with their copper chimney caps, they take the time to climb up and give them a good polish now and then to keep them bright and shiny. Others let nature take its course and allow a rustic green or brown film to grow on the cap. This film is the result of oxidation and is called patina.

A good chimney cap needs no regular maintenance and, if you choose the copper variety, the cap will be resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations and won’t be damaged. Because of its built-in durability, a copper chimney cap will last for decades.

Chimney shrouds

Also called “rain shrouds,” these products are often used to protect chimneys that include rain pans, which are commonly used with non-masonry chimneys. The design of most rain pans causes them to be susceptible to rust and other wear. A chimney shroud protects the pan while, as with chimney caps, adds a nice finishing touch to the chimney and therefore the home.

The most important protection

Both chimney caps and chimney shrouds offer good protection from outside elements, the most important of which is rain. Dampness or actual draining water can wreak havoc on a chimney and create many problems in the fire-burning process.

Lingering moisture can lead to structural damage within a chimney, especially those that are wood-framed. Fixing this damage can be expensive, particularly if it’s not covered by homeowner’s insurance, which this kind of damage often isn’t.

Best Chimney Toppers - NY Chimney SweepIt’s easy to see how caps and shrouds for your chimney bring two great benefits: eye-appeal and protection from the elements. If you’re operating a chimney that has no cap or shroud, or if your cap or shroud is damaged and in need of repair or replacement, contact Hudson Valley Chimney Service today.

Chimney caps and shrouds can be purchased either pre-made or in custom sizes, so it’s easy to protect and beautify your home. Our trained field personnel will be happy to inspect your chimney and provide options and advice on the best style and configuration of the protective device for the top of your chimney. We also offer complete services to keep you chimney clean and working optimally, season after season. Visit our website, or give us a call (845) 471-1071.

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