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Why Is Water Coming Through My Chimney?

Chimneys deal in smoke and fire so it’s no wonder homeowners are alarmed when they see streams of water pouring into their chimney. This can happen suddenly due to intense weather, or it can happen gradually as chimneys take a beating year after year. What has happened, what has gone wrong? The answer may not be as difficult as you think. There are at least 4 possibilities for this phenomenon.

Chimney Masonry Repair Beacon, NYStructural Damage

If the masonry of the chimney has been compromised through the constant wear and tear of wind, rain or freeze, and thaw cycles then cracks and chips can form in the bricks. Structural damage can not only be unsightly but dangerous. The chips and cracks in your masonry would definitely allow water to seep into the chimney and eventually into your home.

Chimney Crown Problems

Another possible reason water has entered your chimney has to do with your chimney crown. The chimney crown is sometimes confused with the chimney cap – the cap is the very top of the chimney that keeps sparks from escaping and critters out of the chimney it also helps to mitigate the amount of water that enters the flue but it sits on top of the crown. The chimney crown is the top of your chimney usually made of concrete. It is often sloped to allow rain to move away from the chimney and keep it from entering the flue. Cracked chipped, corroded, or bent chimney crowns can hinder the proper flow of water and cause rain to come pouring through the flue.

Chimney Lining Damage

Most chimneys have a lining on the inside of the flue. This lining shields the masonry from the high temperatures of your fireplace and should keep the rain out of the flue. However, it’s just a matter of time before the lining may start to give in to stress and experience cracking and chipping. If you notice water coming through your chimney each time it rains the best measure may be to replace your chimney lining. If the current lining is made of clay, opt for a stainless-steel lining.

Chimney Roof Inspection German Town, NYLeaking Roof

A roof inspection is a critical step in figuring out what is causing your leaky chimney. This inspection will pay close attention to the chimney flashing, the part where your chimney and roof meet. A chimney inspection is also necessary to check for problems with the chimney lining, look for structural damage, or masonry that has shifted. Chimney repairs don’t have to take an enormous amount of time but if you have put off dealing with this problem or if it has continued for a long time before you ever noticed it, then the problems could be more intense than you know. It can be quite overwhelming, but the right professionals will inspect your chimney and roof thoroughly to find out what the issue is and how to solve it. Water coming through your chimney is indeed a cause for concern! Call a professional to check things out right away. You can call Hudson Valley Chimney today for all your chimney needs.

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