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Why Your Fireplace Needs a Screen

The beauty and impact of a masterfully built fireplace cannot be overstated.  Fireplaces not only bring warmth and charm but can also set the tone for the whole house. This beauty and comfort are not without some risks. If you knew there was one thing that you could do to increase the safety in your home, would you do it? If you’re like most fireplace owners, the answer is “of course!”  So here are some reasons why you should add a fireplace screen to your home décor.

Fireplace services Beekman, NYDecorative Fireplace Screens

If you find the inside of your firebox unattractive during summer or whenever it’s not in use, a decorative fireplace screen could be just what the designer ordered.  Fireplace screens come in a variety of colors and materials that will elevate the front of any fireplace and help convey whatever style you desire.

Add architectural details and richness to your room by using metals such as iron, gold, or silver. use a painted screen as a work of art. Using a fireplace screen is also an inexpensive way to upgrade a fireplace until you’re able to redo the firebox or surround. Freestanding screens can easily be purchased, or manufacturers may include the option to attach a screen permanently.

Fireplace Screens Increase Safety

Fireplace screens aren’t just beautiful, they provide additional safety when dealing with open flames. Without a screen, hot embers may pop from the fireplace onto rugs, furnishings or nearby pets and playing children. Wooden floors can also be damaged by these embers. Fireplace screens block this activity preventing fires and burns. The screen can also be used to lessen the intensity of the heat and light coming from the fireplace as well.

Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning Cold Spring, NYMeeting The Standard

The American National Standards Institute has required that all gas fireplaces and stoves with glass doors have screens. Regulations like these were put in place to prevent accidental burns from touching the hot glass. Gas fireplaces are known to be beautiful and fairly easy to maintain but there are reports of the glass doors becoming hot while in use and continuing to stay hot long afterward. This could be a hazard for small children and pets. So, fireplace screens are not just attractive but required in some cases.

Fireplace screens are highly recommended to keep loved ones and homes safe from unexpected fire hazards. They can also be very beautiful, so if safety and beauty are high on your list, consider a proper fireplace screen. Whether you have a gas fireplace or wood stove, Hudson Valley Chimney is here for all of your maintenance needs.  No fireplace screen can cover up serious chimney issues for long. If you are unsure about the state of your chimney, call today for an inspection or chimney cleaning by certified chimney sweeps. It can be difficult to find the right company, but our more than 40 years of service speaks for itself. We can be reached at (845) -471-1071 or contact us by using our online form.

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