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Homeowners in Cold Spring NY trust Hudson Valley Chimney for chimney maintenance, chimney repair, masonry rebuilds, and more. We have provided the best chimney sweep services for decades in nearby Hudson Highlands, North Highland NY, Nelsonville NY and Garrison NY, as well. Our CSIA-certified chimney technicians deliver dependable chimney services. On every chimney service call in Cold Spring NY, quality chimney services are performed efficiently, whether chimney chase installation, chimney cap installation, chimney maintenance, fireplace and chimney cleaning, or chimney inspections. Our long-maintained A+ designation from the Better Business Bureau  (BBB) provides evidence of our proven track record for fair prices and providing great customer service.

Cold Spring New York

From time to time, chimney sweep scammers make the rounds in Cold Spring NY and nearby cities of Garrison NY, Nelsonville NY, Hudson Highlands, and North Highland NY. These industry frauds offer extremely low prices on basic chimney services, though they often have no knowledge or training. Once in the door, they transition to a false claim that expensive services are immediately needed. Homeowners are often pressured into paying a large down payment upfront. Then the scammers disappear or don’t actually do the important work they claimed was necessary. To avoid being scammed, we highly recommend that homeowners do research before hiring any chimney sweep company.

Stainless chimney liner installation in Cold Spring, NYChimney Liners

It is never far from our minds at Hudson Valley Chimney that we help keep homeowners safer in Cold Spring NY and throughout our entire service area. We routinely check chimney liners during chimney inspections. A special camera is used during certain types of inspections, and the camera gives us a close-up look at the chimney liner from top to bottom. We carefully check for signs of deterioration. A crack is all it takes for a chimney liner to be unsafe. The primary purpose of the chimney flue besides allowing combustion gases to exit the home is to protect the home from the corrosive gases and from extreme heat.

When a new chimney liner is needed, we recommend a stainless-steel chimney liner. These are strong liners and often come with a lifetime warranty.

Chimney Repair in Cold Spring, NYCold Spring NY Chimney Repairs & Rebuilding

Anytime major chimney repairs are needed, including chimney brick repairs, it’s essential that the work is performed by a certified chimney sweep with training and experience. For chimney restoration in Cold Spring NY, for example, the professional doing the work should be an expert in chimney operation and not just in masonry. At Hudson Valley Chimney, we specialize in chimney building, chimney brick repairs, and any work that is needed on chimney masonry.

Tuckpointing is a type of chimney repair that helps homeowners save money. When mortar on the chimney begins wearing away, if the issue is caught early, the procedure known as tuckpointing can be used. Basically, old mortar is removed and replaced with new mortar. The entire chimney structure is strengthened by the work done.

When cement chimney crowns need to be rebuilt in a Cold Spring NY home, the owners know we can get the work done right and in a very timely manner.

Our Hudson Valley Chimney technicians also install chimney caps, chimney liners, and chimney chase tops not only in Cold Spring but also in nearby towns of Nelsonville NY, Hudson Highlands, Garrison NY, and North Highland NY.

Chimney Sweep Services – Inspection, Cleaning, Repairs

Chimney Inspection & Chimney Cleaning in Cold Spring, NYWe offer comprehensive chimney sweep services for Cold Spring NY residents. Chimney inspections are important. All leading fire safety experts agree that everyone with a chimney that still uses the connected heating appliance should schedule annual chimney inspections. Cleaning should also be scheduled at least annually when a wood fireplace is used in winter. Chimneys are vulnerable to the elements, and chimney repair is often needed, as well. We offer reliable chimney repair services.

Fireplace / Stoves / Fireplace Insert Sales, Installs, and Service

As experts in chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves, we also sell heating appliances. Cold Spring NY homeowners trust our professional knowledge as they choose a fireplace, stove, or fireplace insert for home installation. All of the appliances we carry meet EPA requirements and any unit you buy and have us install will help to cut heating costs.


Stove, fireplace, and fireplace insert installations are also available to nearby cities of Nelsonville NY, Hudson Highlands, Garrison NY, and North Highland NY. Contact us today about your needs related to chimneys, fireplaces, heating stoves, and fireplace inserts.

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