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Hudson Valley New York Fireplace Inserts

Designed to fit perfectly into a factory built or masonry fireplace, fireplace inserts are the perfect option for homeowners who want to increase the efficiency of their open burning fireplace or upgrade the look and feel of a tired, worn out hearth. Choose from heavy, durable steel or gorgeous cast iron units.

These enclosed combustion fireplaces contain sturdy glass doors that help fires burn hotter and more completely so you get the most out of your fireplace insert during the cold winter months.

Older, open burning masonry fireplaces often are extremely inefficient and don't do much in the way of heating. No matter what type of fuel choice you decide on, all fireplace inserts will dramatically increase the efficiency of your fireplace. Revitalize your existing chimney by enhancing the appearance and also by increasing the burning efficiency.

We offer a wide range of fireplace insert units from the top, most trusted brands in the industry. Contact our hearth and heating experts today so we can help you pick the perfect insert for your home and heating needs.

Wood Fireplace Inserts - Hudson Valley NY


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Electric Fireplace Inserts - Hudson Valley


Just as with fireplaces and heating stoves, there are different fuels available for fireplace inserts. Homeowners can choose between wood burning, gas, pellet burning, or electric fireplace inserts. Our hearth and heating experts can help you determine the best fuel type and insert style for your home and heating needs.  Whether you are looking for a high-tech gas burning insert or an eco-friendly pellet insert, we can offer many options that will fit your needs.

Wood Fireplace Inserts

Some homeowners just love the feel, smell, and atmosphere a wood burning fireplace provides. To keep that classic feel when upgrading to a fireplace insert, choose a wood insert unit. You will still be able to see, smell, and enjoy a natural wood fire but with added efficiency and incredible heat output. Wood burning inserts come in two different types, catalytic and non-catalytic. Catalytic inserts are long-lasting and great for heating large areas, while non-catalytic inserts are easy to operate and perfect for enhancing the appearance of your fireplace. No matter which type you choose, you’ll get the look and feel of a traditional wood fire with less heat loss out of the chimney.

Wood Inserts Installed - Poughkeepsie NY

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplaces are a popular choice for busy homeowners because of their convenience, ease of use, and low maintenance requirements. A gas fireplace insert offers all of these benefits plus the higher heat efficiencies that come with a closed combustion heating unit. Turn on your gas fireplace insert with the flip of a switch or click of the remote and heat quickly and easily. These clean burning appliances come in vent-free or direct vent styles so speak with our fireplace professionals to determine which type of venting your home requires. It’s not hard to see why these beautiful, easy-to-use fireplace inserts are one of the most popular hearth products in the industry.

Gas Fireplace Inserts Fishkill Area Hudson Valley NY

Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Eco-conscious homeowners prefer pellet fireplace inserts for good reason. Not only are wood pellets a renewable, recycled, and environmentally friendly fuel option, but they produce a real fire that smells like wood without the labor of cutting, stacking, and maintaining firewood. These long-burning, super-efficient heating appliances burn clean and can produce enough heat to warm an entire house during even the coldest winter days in the Hudson Valley area. As an appliance that is simple to operate with pellets that are made from recycled wood, many of our customers rave about our pellet fueled fireplace inserts.

Pellet Fireplace Insert Installation NY

Electric Fireplace Inserts

For just pennies a day, you can instantly bring the ambiance and warmth of a fire to life with an electric fireplace insert. If you are looking for the easiest, most cost-effective way to transform your old, open burning fireplace, consider an electric insert. Modern models feature lifelike fires and even the appearance of burning embers and dancing flames with patented LED technology. The inner glow logs housed in the firebox are molded from real wood logs to give the most realistic look possible. You can enjoy year-round fires since most models can be run with or without the heater component of the fireplace insert. The electric heating appliances can be plugged directly into a standard household 110/120 V power source and are the safest, cleanest option for a fireplace insert.


Electric Fireplace Installations - Hudson Valley NY


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