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chimney sweep services in red hook nyHudson Valley Chimney Service has been trusted by homeowners in Red Hook NY and throughout Dutchess County NY and surrounding areas for expert chimney sweep services since 1976. Our chimney sweep crews in vans with bright, recognizable company markings are frequently seen along Market Street and traveling on Rt 9 and from Barrytown to Annandale-on-Hudson. They are out delivering reliable chimney repairs and chimney inspections to Red Hook, the only segment of New York City with a complete frontal view of the Statue of Liberty. The Red Hook waterfront is also where you can see electric trolleys that were used throughout the city for years, up until 1956. Efforts to revive the electric trolleys have continued since 1989.

Red Hook Chimney Sweeps

Our chimney sweep professionals are known for being punctual, wearing company uniforms, and arriving at customers’ homes in clearly marked company vehicles. Each of our chimney technicians has training and a certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We provide the full range of chimney, fireplace, and venting services. Using professional, up-to-date equipment, we provide chimney cleaning, chimney repair, chimney inspections, and all chimney services. It is important for creosote to be removed from chimneys. Creosote creates an increased risk for a hazardous chimney fire, and it can build up to the point it causes chimney obstruction. Acids are removed from chimney linings, where gas heating appliances are vented. During chimney inspections, our skilled technicians are able to identify for homeowners damage that requires chimney repairs. With the recommended annual chimney inspections and repairs, homeowners can usually prevent high-cost chimney damage from occurring.

Choosing a Chimney Sweep

For a household in Red Hook NY with a fireplace and chimney, professional chimney maintenance is an important safety measure. For decades at Hudson Valley Chimney, we have maintained high standards for the chimney services and repairs we provide. It is a concern that disreputable individuals crash the unregulated chimney sweep industry for the purpose of either turning a fast buck with incompetent work or fully scamming homeowners. You can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your fireplace and chimney are safe to use, when you hire our chimney experts at Hudson Valley Chimney. The following are good tips on how to choose a qualified chimney sweep:

· Be wary of phone calls from chimney services solicitors offering very low prices. These calls are usually from companies that schedule numerous calls to perform in one day, which means the work is substandard. They are also sometimes from unscrupulous individuals who get their foot in the door and then report major damage. They pressure homeowners to make a large upfront deposit, only to take the money and run. The damage reported by these scammers doesn’t even exist, in many cases.

  • Request current references so that you can contact customers local to your area, to enquire about the quality of the company’s chimney services.
  • Research the company. Verify that they have a physical address and a viable website that includes the address. Look at as many reviews as possible, since, as a marketing strategy, many fake good reports are oftentimes added to offset honest but negative reviews.
  • Check to see if the chimney sweeps are CSIA-Certified, which lets you know they have industry-standard knowledge and training.
  • Make sure the company has insurance, so that you won’t be liable, in the event someone is injured on your property.
  • Be careful that you don’t let just anyone into your home who claims to be a professional. Expect a uniformed chimney sweep arriving in a company truck.

professional chimney repair in red hook ny

Chimney Repairs

When chimney repairs are needed in Red Hook NY and throughout Dutchess County NY, homeowners know Hudson Valley Chimney has experts who will get repairs done right the first time. Our chimney services include chimney repairs for fireplaces, stoves, venting systems, and all chimney systems.

Chimney Rebuilding

When a chimney has begun to lean or crumble, chimney rebuilding is necessary to restore proper chimney operation and prevent total collapse. Chimney rebuilding is a job for chimney experts who are familiar with top-to-bottom fireplace, stove, and chimney operation.

Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is at the top of the chimney, and it helps to keep moisture out of the chimney system. Due to harsh elements, chimney crowns eventually begin to crack and deteriorate. Chimney crown repair is possible, as long as the damage isn’t too extensive, in which case chimney crown replacement becomes necessary.

Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are accessories with many benefits, including keeping out moisture and preventing animals from crawling inside the chimney. When chimney cap repair is needed, our expert chimney technicians can help.

Leaky Chimney

On every side, chimneys are vulnerable to moisture. Many of the calls we receive from residents are for leaky chimney repair. An expert eye and the process of elimination are often required, to pinpoint the source of a chimney leak. Our chimney repair experts are highly qualified to fix chimney leaks.

We are proud that Red Hook NY and many other Dutchess County NY residents have found us to consistently provide the best and most reliable chimney repair and chimney sweep services. We care about the safety of our customers and their homes. Contact Hudson Valley Chimney today at (845) 471-1071 for expert chimney repair and chimney sweep services.

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