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What a Single Chimney Repair Estimate Tells You

When a company gives you an estimate for repairing your damaged chimney, you really have only that estimate to go by. You don’t know if the price is within “normal” ranges, or way too high – or low.

It Pays to Get a Second Opinion on Chimney Damage Repair

If your chimney is damaged and it’s being covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, your provider will require that you obtain several estimates for the repair work. If you’re self-paying, it’s still a good idea to consult with more than one chimney company. Here’s why.

Additionally, you’ll probably receive an outline of the tasks that the technician recommends to restore your chimney to health. Chimney repair work can get fairly complicated, and a lot of tasks and materials can be involved in repair jobs, especially if they’re major.

Maybe you review the estimate and feel a lot more work than necessary is being included in the project. What should you do?

Get a second opinion.

Second Opinions on Chimney Damage Can Be Invaluable

Hudson Valley Chimney of Poughkeepsie, NY, regularly provides homeowners with no-cost, no-obligation second opinions to help them balance the details of the project. We never charge for second opinions or estimates – whether a repair job covered by homeowner’s insurance or self pay repairs.

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We’ll look closely at the estimate you were given, and we’ll tell you if we see any issues with it. We’re checking mainly for three things:

  1. Estimate is too high: This may be because the technician or company is inexperienced in the needed work and will take longer than necessary to finish the job.
  2. Estimate is too low: Very low estimates may indicate a lack of experience and a hesitancy to charge a competitive rate.
  3. Unnecessary work is being called for: Packing the estimate could be because the company simply doesn’t know what the project will require – or, worst-case-scenario – is operating unscrupulously.

Chimney Repair Professionals You Can Trust

When you call on us for a second opinion or estimate, you’ll be dealing with a licensed, experienced chimney professional who has undergone the training to be fully familiar with all chimney styles and all types of structural, component and venting damage.

Our field technicians are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the recognized leader in hearth industry training and certifications in the United States.

Repair, Rebuilding, Inspection & Cleaning Services

We’re a leading New York chimney sweep offering all the key services you need to keep your chimney safe and performing at its best.

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We offer a complete menu of chimney work including:

  • Masonry repair
  • Partial and full chimney rebuilding
  • Brick repair & replacement
  • Tuckpointing
  • Flue relining & liner repair
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Chimney crown repair & rebuilding
  • Chimney flashing repair & replacement
  • Leaky chimney repair
  • Resolution of venting/drafting problems
  • Chimney cap repair & installation

and much more.

Get the Right Advice with a Sound Second Opinion on Chimney Work

For insurance-covered chimney damage or when handling the repairs yourself, it will pay you to seek a qualified second opinion from a member of the Hudson Valley Chimney team. Speak with a chimney expert today at (845) 471-1071.

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