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professional chimney sweep in staatsburghHomeowners in Staatsburgh NY rely on Hudson Valley Chimney Service for expert chimney sweep services and chimney repairs. Staatsburg is a hamlet in Hyde Park NY. An attraction there listed in the National Register of Historic Places is the John Hendricks House and Dutch Barn, which were built in 1785. The picturesque home once served as an inn. Our Hudson Valley Chimney company vehicles are brightly marked and tough to miss. They can be seen in Staatsburgh on N Cross Rd and frequently on Rt 9, providing chimney sweep repairs and services.

Chimney Sweeps

The chimney sweeps at Hudson Valley Chimney are certified and trained by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). They are professionals with a reputation for arriving on time to a job, wearing a company uniform, and traveling in a company vehicle clearly marked with the company logo. Our chimney technicians do a lot more than remove the creosote from chimneys, though that is important. When a chimney is used for the venting of gas heating appliances, acids need to be removed, since they can cause deterioration of the chimney lining. Our chimney sweeps conduct expert chimney inspections; and they can identify the many different types of chimney damage, most of which are caused by moisture. Homeowners are advised of any issues that could have a negative effect on optimal chimney operation or that could result in extensive chimney damage, if not addressed.

Choosing a Chimney Sweep

Household maintenance and safety priorities for anyone with a fireplace best include entrusting annual chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, and chimney repairs to professional chimney sweeps. Since 1976, Hudson Valley Chimney has been providing residents in Staatsburg NY with quality chimney services completed with the highest of standards. A danger is hiring a so-called chimney contractor offering rock-bottom prices as part of a total scam. The chimney sweep industry isn’t regulated by the government, which can make homeowners vulnerable to unscrupulous people looking to make a dishonest buck.

There is peace of mind in hiring professional chimney sweeps. Scammers are essentially posers who often have no clue how the chimney system works. In addition, they often don’t have adequate equipment to clean your chimney while ensuring that your home’s interior stays clean and unaffected by the stirring up and removal of toxic substances inside the chimney lining. The following are tips for choosing a chimney sweep with the needed qualifications to do the job right:

  • ·Do research on the company you are considering for chimney sweep services. Your home and family are protected through proper chimney care. It’s important that the work is done by qualified individuals with a good reputation.
  • Ask the company for current references, and follow up by calling customers from your area.
  • The best way to measure whether chimney sweeps have training and proper qualifications is to find out if they are CSIA-Certified. This is the industry standard for knowledge and training among chimney sweeps.
  • Beware of phone solicitors with enticing low prices. The type of work provided in Staatsburg NY in these situations is usually substandard, as many appointments are set up for the same general area, to be completed in one day.
  • Determine whether or not the company has insurance coverage protecting your home against damage. If someone is injured at your home and they have no insurance, the liability would be your responsibility.
  • When the contractor you’ve hired for chimney sweep services arrives, look for a uniformed technician and a marked company truck. Letting potential scammers in your home is never advisable.

Chimney Repairs

In the hamlet of Staatsburg and throughout the Metropolitan Area of Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown, Hudson Valley Chimney provides chimney repairs and services for all chimney systems, venting systems, fireplaces, and stoves.

Chimney Rebuilding

Our chimney sweeps provide chimney rebuilding services NY when a structure has extensive moisture damage, is leaning, or is in danger of total collapse. It is essential that chimney rebuilds are done by chimney experts who understand the operation of the venting system, from top to bottom.

Chimney Crown

Staatsburg NY chimney crown repair is frequently needed. The crown is at the top of the chimney and subject to the harsh elements. When cracks develop and other deterioration occurs, repair is needed, to keep moisture out of the chimney system.

chimney cap installs staatsburgh ny

Chimney Cap

Many homeowners look to our Hudson Valley technicians for chimney cap repair. Chimney caps provide numerous benefits, including keeping animals and moisture out and preventing hot embers from escaping the chimney and potentially starting a fire on the roof.

Leaky Chimney

It is not unusual for us to get a call for repairs of a leaky chimney. Oftentimes, the biggest challenge with a leaky chimney is determining the cause. Our chimney experts have the knowledge to identify the cause of a leaky chimney.

At Hudson Valley Chimney, we proudly provide Staatsburg NY residents with the best chimney sweep and chimney repair services. Our goal is to ensure that the chimneys we service are safe to use, which protects homes and families. For professional chimney services, contact Hudson Valley Chimney today at (845) 471-1071.

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