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chimney liner woodstock nyHudson Valley Chimney provides chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, chimney repairs, chimney liners, chimney crowns, chimney caps, chimney chase tops, chimney rebuilding, and masonry work for customers in Woodstock NY in Ulster County.

Our distinctive service trucks can be seen traveling on Rt 12, Rt 33, and throughout the area, including the towns of West Hurley NY, Zena NY, Lake Hill NY, West Hurley NY, Ruby NY, Bearsville NY, Willow NY, and Shokan NY.

Our chimney sweeps are trained, certified, and experienced. Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) training means that you can count on our chimney sweeps to provide you with high quality service. Our A+ rating with the BBB provides the same assurance.

Chimney Sweep / Chimney Cleaning

We provide chimney cleaning services and peace of mind for our customers in Lake Hill NY, West Hurley NY, Ruby NY, Bearsville NY, Willow NY, and Shokan NY. The number one reason houses catch fire because of the fireplace or chimney is that the chimney had not been properly maintained. Highly flammable creosote is deposited in the flue with every fire, and its presence increases the chances of a hazardous chimney fire that can spread to the home.

Chimney Inspection

Woodstock NY chimney inspections also provide assurance that it is safe to use your fireplace and chimney. There are three levels of inspection, and one component of service provided is a video camera inspection of the chimney lining.

Chimney Repairs

Homeowners in Woodstock NY in Ulster County call on our trusted chimney sweeps for every type of chimney repair. Moisture problems are most common. The sooner repairs are done, the less damage is done and less expensive the related issues are to fix.

Chimney Liner

The chimney liner and firebox both protect combustible materials from extreme temperatures in the fireplace. If there is a crack anywhere in the liner or firebox, repair is critical, to prevent a house fire. We provide chimney liner replacement and repair for customers in Woodstock NY in Ulster County as well as Willow NY, Shokan, Ruby, Lake Hill, Zena, Bearsville NY, West Hurley NY, and throughout the service area.

Chimney Crowns

The chimney crown at the top of the chimney is the reason for many of the repairs we make in Woodstock NY in Ulster County. When the cement crown cracks or suffers any other type of deterioration, moisture can get into the chimney system and cause damage. If timely repairs aren’t made, a chimney crown rebuild is often required.

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Chimney Caps and Chase Tops

Chimney caps and chase tops in Woodstock NY, Ulster County, keep moisture out. They don’t have the same durability as other components of the chimney, however. Part of a chimney inspection is to determine whether chimney caps and chase tops need to be repaired or replaced in West Hurley NY, Lake Hill NY, Zena, Shokan NY, Shady NY, Willow NY, Ruby NY and Bearsville NY.

Chimney Rebuilding & Masonry Work

The operation of your chimney is largely dependent upon proper construction. Homeowners in Woodstock NY in Ulster County rely on our chimney technicians at Hudson Valley Chimney for chimney rebuilding and masonry work, to ensure best results.

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