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What To Do With A Spalling Brick Chimney

It’s not something you hear about on a regular basis. Spalling bricks are bricks that have had moisture or water damage. The bricks may flake, become discolored, and break off. Spalling brick occurs when moisture from rain and snow penetrates the brick. Often in areas where there may be freezing and thawing. The bricks become... Read more

How To Properly Dispose of Fireplace Ashes

When enjoying the natural aroma of hickory, oak, pecan, or other popular hardwoods burning in the fireplace, you may have noticed the large pile of primarily white ash rising near the top of the grate. While visiting homeowners in Fishkill, Germantown, and around our Hudson River Valley, NY service area, we noticed many folks were... Read more

Does Your Hearth Area Need a Fireplace Screen?

Fireplace screens have been popular for decades because of the multiple jobs they do. Hudson Valley Chimney of Poughkeepsie, NY, would like to share a little information about these versatile components to help you decide if one is right for your home. What is a fireplace screen? A fireplace screen is typically made of metal... Read more

Should I Turn the Pilot Light Off During Summer?

Folks in Milton, NY, Poughkeepsie, NY, and throughout the Hudson River Valley region typically don’t use their fireplace, stove, and other gas-heating appliances during the summer. However, most upstaters usually leave the pilot on, leaving some energy-conscious consumers wondering if they should turn off their pilot light during summer. In this article, we will answer... Read more

Why is My Chimney Discolored?

Picture this: You step outside on a summer day to admire your property, with the perfectly manicured lawn and detailed landscaping. Before returning inside, you glance at the chimney and notice ugly stains and panic, wondering if the neighbors have noticed. Chimney stains are unsightly, for sure, but could also indicate an underlying problem. In... Read more

Chimney Creosote 101

Most people have heard of creosote, but not everybody understands exactly what it is, why it gets into chimneys and what it can do once it’s there. For chimney technicians and chimney sweeps all over the world, creosote is one of their ongoing enemies. Fortunately, properly trained technicians know how to beat this enemy. Hudson... Read more

Summertime Fireplace Makeover

Are you considering a fireplace makeover? Summertime is the perfect time to do it. Not only is it the least disruptive time of year to have work done on your fireplace, but you will also have more time to select the best fireplace for your home heating needs and budget. Summer Fireplace Ideas Now if... Read more

Tips to Extend Your Chimney’s Lifespan

A well-built chimney should last a lifetime; however, weather and lack of maintenance can take a toll, requiring expensive repairs or a total rebuild. This post examines how you can extend your chimney’s lifespan. Regular Inspections The most important thing you can do to keep your chimney healthy and extend its lifespan is to schedule... Read more

Why Chimney Relining is Worth It

Chimney liners protect your home from fire, and in most areas, they’re required if you want your chimney to pass inspection when you sell your home. In this post, we look at what a chimney liner is, how to know when to replace it, and how to increase its lifespan. What is a Chimney Liner?... Read more

Why Now Is The Best Time For Chimney Repairs

Right now, we’re entering what often feels like the busy season. That is, with warmer weather, many homeowners start working on their home’s annual maintenance. So, as you’re putting together your summertime to-do list, there is one important item you should not overlook. We’re referring to fixing any problems with your chimney. After all, now... Read more

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