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Why Your Fireplace Needs a Screen

The beauty and impact of a masterfully built fireplace cannot be overstated.  Fireplaces not only bring warmth and charm but can also set the tone for the whole house. This beauty and comfort are not without some risks. If you knew there was one thing that you could do to increase the safety in your... Read more

Keeping Your Chimney in Good Condition This Summer

It may not seem like it but fall weather is just around the corner. It’s not unusual for chimney owners to experience great disappointment when they go to light their first fire of the season. Neglecting a chimney in summer could mean chimney trouble in the fall. To avoid that, here are 3 ways to... Read more

Giving Your Chimney New Life

If you have a home built prior to 1970 and have a fireplace, it’s probably not up to code and could be a fire or carbon monoxide hazard. You may have broken, crumbling, or missing bricks on your chimney from your chimney being timeworn. You may have mold growing in your chimney if it’s not... Read more

Should I Close My Fireplace During the Summer?

Winter is over and the logical question is “Do I need to close my fireplace during summer?” The quick answer to that question is “yes.” Closing your fireplace during the summer is a smart way to deal with any issues of winter and prevent possible summer storm damage. Storm damage can include debris, water damage,... Read more

Summer Is The Perfect Time For A Fireplace Makeover

When the winter sing-a-longs are done, and decorations have been put away, a fireplace can go through a bit of an identity crisis. Many people keep the same things on their mantel year ‘round along with the same unburnt logs but Summer is a great time to liven up your space by beginning with the... Read more

Function And Importance of a Chimney Damper

When you think about your fireplace, the first thing you think of isn’t the chimney, it’s even less likely that you think about the damper in your chimney, but it is a vital part of the proper operation of your chimney. Usually, a damper is set right above your fireplace’s firebox, or it could be... Read more

Common Summer Chimney Issues

Winter is, without a doubt, your Chimney’s busiest season; with cold weather and holidays, some chimneys go nonstop. But did you know that summertime can also cause problems for your chimney? Yes, the “off-season” can be a time where unexpected issues pop up one after the other. Don’t let this happen to you, knowing what... Read more

5 Ways Water Can Damage Your Chimney or Fireplace

Water is your chimney’s kryptonite. If anything can break down your chimney over time, it’s water. Knowing the signs of water damage can help you build up your chimney’s defenses to avoid painfully expensive repairs later on. Read on to find the most common types of chimney damage. Chipped or Broken Masonry Water can get... Read more

Should You Install a Gas Fireplace Yourself?

Knowing how to do something yourself and being able to do it can be tremendously empowering. Pinterest is filled with beautiful examples of what can happen when ordinary people learn the tricks of the trade, but when should you resist the urge to DIY? This question frequently comes up in the arena of gas fireplaces.... Read more

How Does a Chimney Liner Affect My Chimney?

When you think about your fireplace, is the liner the first thing that comes to mind? Probably not. It’s even less likely you’re thinking- how does my fireplace liner affect my chimney? If you’re not thinking about your chimney liner and how it impacts your chimney, you should be. Let’s take a closer look at... Read more

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