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We hope that you find our articles on the proper use, care and service of fireplaces, stoves and chimneys interesting and informative. As New York’s Hudson Valley leader for all Chimney Sweep, Chimney Service, Stove & Fireplace installation and Gas Appliance Maintenance we want to make sure consumers have access to this helpful information. Keeping your Fireplace, Stove, Chimney and Venting Systems in top working order is just as important as any other system in your home. Your family’s comfort and safety are our first priority!

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Protect Chimney Masonry with Water Repellent This Spring

Spring showers may bring beautiful flowers, but they can also cause chimney leaks. Chimney leaks are common problem and one of the top reasons that homeowners call on a chimney experts or handyman. When water gets in your chimney, it can result in expensive damage. It can deteriorate masonry, ruin drywall, rot structural beams and […]

Should I Claim Chimney Leak Damage on Insurance?

All questions regarding homeowner’s insurance policies are best answered by the provider who wrote the policy. That being said, there are some general guidelines when it comes to determining if the provider will cover water damage caused by a leaky chimney. A homeowner’s insurance policy covers unexpected damage to various areas of your home or […]

What Causes Cracks in the Chimney Crown?

The chimney crown is like an umbrella for the chimney. It is designed to help disperse rainwater from the chimney to protect the masonry. But even well-built crowns will deteriorate due to age and its direct exposure to changing weather conditions. Cracks may develop slowly and without realizing it, the crown is compromised. And when the crown is compromised water can penetrate inside the flue. This […]

Importance of Chimney Flashing

Signs of water damage—like peeling paint or discoloration on the ceiling—are the biggest reason homeowners call on a handy man. In most cases, a leaking chimney is the source of the problem. A chimney leak can cause thousands of dollars in water damage from ruined drywall to compromised structural beams. Usually, missing or damaged chimney […]

What is Level 3 or Glazed Creosote?

Creosote is a flammable byproduct of smoke that forms in chimneys when wood burns in the fireplace. You can’t prevent creating some creosote with every fire, but you can keep the amount at a minimum. Professional chimney sweeps categorize creosote by levels: Level 1: This form of creosote is powdery and easy to remove with […]

How Temperature Changes Affect Your Chimney

A chimney is a vital part of your home and being aware of its condition is essential. For many homeowners, the fireplace is their primary source of heat during the winter. While chimneys are constructed for strength and durability, exposure to extreme hot and cold weather conditions can weaken its structure. And the winter storms […]

Five Warning Signs Your Wood Stove Needs Replacing

Wood stoves are built to last but, if you have an old model, it may be time to upgrade. A wood-burning stove can be an excellent alternative heating source with the ability to warm up a large area of your home using an inexpensive, renewable fuel source. When you use an efficient, EPA-certified wood-burning stove […]

Does Every Chimney Need a Cap?

A chimney cap is arguably the easiest and least expensive way to protect your chimney flue system. If your chimney is older, chances are you either don’t have a chimney cap or the cap that was installed is due to be replaced. Over time, the chimney cap cracks and the screen can break or tear. […]

Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Chimney Damage

Chimneys don’t last forever, no matter how well they’re built. Fortunately for homeowners, the breakdown is usually gradual. This means you have time to make periodic repairs to damage that would lead to the end of your chimney if left unattended. Chimneys and the freeze-thaw cycle In cold-weather regions, chimneys are susceptible to damage from […]

Prevent Creosote Buildup with The Help of Professionals

Ugly soot stains aren’t all that builds up in chimneys. Creosote is another byproduct that’s produced by burning wood logs, pellets and coal in a fireplace or stove. Creosote is an extremely flammable chemical compound that condenses along the walls of chimneys and venting systems. It is the leading cause of catastrophic chimney fires according […]

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