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Chimney Liner Basics

About 75 years ago in the U.S., tests by the National Bureau for Standards (NBS) revealed that a chimney without a lining is extremely dangerous. Researchers expressed their conclusion that it is practically criminal to build a chimney without a lining because it is such an unsafe practice. Chimney liners have been building code requirements... Read more

The Real Problem with White Staining on the Chimney

Chimney Sweep - Chimney Services - Stoves Services That Add To Your Safe Enjoyment of Fireplaces & Stoves The NFPA recommends that homeowners have their chimney inspected at least once a year. We offer a full portfolio of chimney and venting system services. Whether it’s woodstoves, fireplaces or chimneys, we understand the intricacies of the... Read more

A Leading Cause of Chimney Leaks: Flashing

Flashing issues are among the most common causes of chimney leaks. Whether the problem is faulty chimney flashing or damaged chimney flashing, the resulting moisture damage to your home can be very expensive to fix. Leaks caused by failed flashing can be tough to spot until extensive damage has already been done, such as rotting... Read more

Why are Chimney Liners Necessary?

Chimney Sweep - Chimney Repairs - Chimney Services Since 1976, Hudson Valley Chimney Service has delivered the best chimney sweep services in the Hudson Valley area. Annual home chimney cleaning and chimney inspection is what 1000's of area residents depend on us for, but chimney repairs and masonry work are also part of being a... Read more

Why You Need a Chimney Cap

Without a chimney cap, there is an open hole that exposes your home to all kinds of potential problems, which sums up why the chimney topper is a must-have chimney component. Depending on the type of chimney cap you buy, it is relatively inexpensive to purchase and have installed; but it can save you thousands... Read more

When the Chirping in your Chimney is a Federal Matter

Creatures frequently go into chimneys that are not sealed off with a chimney cap that also has wire mesh. Snakes, birds, raccoons, and other critters are usually drawn to the warmth of a chimney in winter. You can contact our chimney professionals to remove unwanted guests. There is a particular bird, however, that cannot be... Read more

5 Reasons a Fireplace Smells Bad

There’s something appealing about the smell of burning firewood in your fireplace, but it’s not so appealing when the fireplace has odors when it’s not in use. It’s common for homeowners to notice bad smells coming from their fireplace, but there are solutions. The following are the top five reasons for a stinky fireplace and... Read more

About Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is owner of Hudson Valley Chimney Services, Inc. located in Hyde Park, NY. Bill has been heading up Hudson Valley Chimney since 1985 as a fully licensed and insured chimney services company. Bill and his chimney sweep technicians are CSIA (Chimney Institute of America) Certified Chimney Sweeps. Bill and his employees are active... Read more

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