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What Problems Could Arise In My Chimney’s Smoke Chamber?

There are many components to a chimney that work together to make for a cozy winter environment. From fireboxes to chimney cap’s and everything in between, it’s important that everything is in working condition. Your smoke chamber is no exception to this rule and requires attention regularly. Luckily, if you have an annual inspection and cleaning, your smoke chamber has eyes on it regularly. 

Smoke Chamber Professional inPoughkeepsie NYWhat is a smoke chamber?

The smoke chamber is found right above your fireplace damper. While you frequent this area often to open and close the damper, you may not be sure of what issues to look for. Your chamber operates to direct smoke up and out the flue to the outside. This is a crucial component to work properly, but what happens if there are issues? And what should you and the professionals look out for? Let’s take a closer look. 

Common Smoke Chamber Issues

One of the first signs of smoke chamber issues you may notice could relate to drafting. But, as a chimney owner, you may know that this could happen for a number of reasons. The ideal smooth surface of a smoke chamber should lead to efficient and smoke-free fires. If there is an extra build-up of creosote, it could lead to more drafts and smokier fires. Regardless of the cause, it’s best to call professionals to check out the cause. 

An increase in drafts can bring smoke back into the house with carbon monoxide. Known as the silent killer, it’s important to stay on top of detectors and take any alarms seriously. 

Additionally, and in more severe cases, there could be an increased risk of a house fire. This is due to the creosote build-up. Luckily, if you keep up on inspections and annual cleanings, not only will this build-up be lessened, but your inspector will also catch the rough edges in your smoke chamber. 

What Can Your Chimney Professional Do?

If you have an older chimney, it may have been built with a process called “corbelling”. This process leaves some exposed rough masonry joints which can collect creosote more quickly than other areas. Creosote comes with a distinct smell and poses a threat to house fires if neglected for too long. 

Smoke Chamber Repair in Poughkeepsie NYChimney professionals can perform a function called parging. This can be done two different ways: 

  • through a cast-in masonry on top of any rough surfaces or,
  • spraying a special coating over the areas. 

Your chimney professional can advise on which method may work both; however, both work to smooth out the surface and minimize the rough edges. 

Chimney Services in Hudson Valley, NY

If you still have any questions about problems in your chimney’s smoke chamber, it may be time to contact us at Hudson Valley Chimney. Our expert team can assist with any general chimney and fireplace maintenance, as well as any repair needs you may encounter. Call Hudson Valley Chimney at (845) 471-1071 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with a certified chimney sweep.

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