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Custom Chimney Caps In Fishkill, NY

custom chimney cap install in Fishkill NY

A chimney cap is vital for keeping rain, wind, animals, and debris from getting into the flue and damaging the chimney system. However, a basic chimney cap may not provide adequate protection from external elements, especially if it is not the correct size for your chimney. Hudson Valley Chimney installs custom chimney caps in many aesthetically pleasing designs. In addition, we tailor every custom chimney cap to the exact specifications of your chimney. So, you will have a stunning cap that will offer enhanced protection from moisture intrusion and dangerous flue obstructions. We serve the entire Hudson Valley area, including Wappingers Falls, East Fishkill, Hopewell Junction, Myers Corner, and Fishkill, NY.

custom chimney cap, beacon nyWhy Your Chimney Needs a Cap?

A chimney cap covers the exposed flue pipe at the top of the chimney, shielding it from rain, wind, and snow while allowing smoke and fumes to vent. A chimney cap should have a mesh screen to keep those pesky critters, leaves, debris, and other pests from blocking the flue vent. It should also have a spark arrestor feature that contains hot embers in the flue, so they don’t land on the roof and spark a fire.

However, during the winter, gusty winds, heavy rain, snow, and even ice, which are common in the Fishkill, NY area, can damage the chimney cap and even blow it off the roof. Without a chimney cap, your chimney is at risk of extensive water damage. Also, leaves, animal nests, and debris can obstruct the flue, resulting in a dangerous backdraft blowing a cloud of smoke, soot, and ash into the home. Therefore, when chimney cap replacement is necessary, we recommend installing a custom chimney cap.

Benefits of Custom Chimney Caps

An outside mount custom chimney cap provides better protection for your chimney and flue than a regular flue cap. That’s because a flue cap just covers the flue opening. Although it does help keep rain from dripping into the flue, it doesn’t protect the concrete chimney crown that covers the top of the masonry chimney. The crown is prone to cracking for various reasons. Rain can leak through these cracks in the crown’s surface that can cause widespread damage to the interior masonry and other components. A custom outside mount chimney cap protects both the chimney flue and the chimney crown from moisture intrusion, reducing the need for costly chimney repairs.

custom full-width chimney cap installation, chelsea nyCustom Chimney Cap Installations in Fishkill, NY

We have a wide assortment of custom chimney caps in many different decorative styles and colors that will enhance your chimney’s appearance. All chimney caps are customized to the precise specifications of your chimney, ensuring a perfect fit for optimum protection.

Since 1983, Hudson Valley Chimney, Inc. has provided top-quality custom chimney cap installations in Fishkill, East Fishkill, Hopewell Junction, Myers Corner, Wappingers Falls, and towns across the Hudson Valley NY region. We are also members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, NY State Chimney Guild, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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