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We hope that you find our articles on the proper use, care and service of fireplaces, stoves and chimneys interesting and informative. As New York’s Hudson Valley leader for all Chimney Sweep, Chimney Service, Stove & Fireplace installation and Gas Appliance Maintenance we want to make sure consumers have access to this helpful information. Keeping your Fireplace, Stove, Chimney and Venting Systems in top working order is just as important as any other system in your home. Your family’s comfort and safety are our first priority!

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Why Regular Chimney Sweeps are so Important

Many homeowners often wonder how often they should clean their chimney. The National Fireplace Protection Association and fire safety professionals recommend annual chimney sweeps. Regularly cleaning the chimney is often your first line of defense for minimizing fire and health hazards. Hiring a professional chimney sweep is convenient and affordable, and it can also help […]

How to Keep Your Fireplace & Chimney Clean

A clean fireplace and chimney means safety for you and your family. There are several ways you can keep your firebox and chimney flue clean, and none of them take a lot of time. Here are some tips. Firebox The key to a clean fireplace is staying on top of it. This requires removing ashes […]

Why Your Chimney Needs a Good Chimney Liner

Because chimney liners are built or installed within the flue, they’re not generally visible and therefore often overlooked when homeowners think about chimney maintenance and safety. Ignoring your chimney liner, however, could lead to big trouble. Here’s what you need to know about these critical components. The purpose of chimney liners Depending on where you […]

Things That Can Happen to a Chimney in the Spring

The weather is getting warmer – the flowers are blooming – spring is in the air. Now that winter is over, it is the perfect time of year to make inspecting and cleaning your fireplace one of your springtime chores. While winter can be especially damaging, a lot can still happen to a chimney in […]

Was Your Chimney Damaged Last Winter? Let’s Find Out.

With the cold season winding up, now is a good time to have your chimney inspected to determine if winter weather has caused any damage. Winters aren’t easy on chimneys, and a variety of problems can start during the cold months and gradually worsen over time. How chimneys can be damaged in the winter Extreme […]

Are Small Animals Hiding in Your Chimney?

Your chimney is an inviting place for small animals to escape the winter rain and snow and hide from predators. Once little birds, squirrels, mice, raccoons, and other critters climb into the flue, they often become trapped, unable to escape. If you hear gnawing, scratching, chirping, or other similar noises in the flue, there may […]

How to Address 6 Common Problems With Older Chimneys

As strong as well-built chimneys are, they won’t last forever without some periodic maintenance. A fully functioning chimney is a safe chimney. One that is damaged or compromised won’t work efficiently and could be dangerous to the home and the people and pets who live in it. Here are six common problems with older chimneys and […]

Ways to Keep Your Fireplace & Chimney From Becoming Dangerous

If you read or watch the news, you’ve probably heard of disasters caused by problems with fireplaces and chimneys. Unfortunately, these reports are very true. A chimney can be a dangerous structure in any home. But on the flipside, chimneys can be quite safe and enjoyable, as long as you, the homeowner, see to certain […]

5 Signs Your Chimney Is Failing

Chimneys are built to perform for decades, but stormy weather and extreme temperature swings can cause damage, that if ignored, can cause the entire structure to fail. Annual inspections, maintenance, and occasional repairs will help ensure your chimney is safe and sound. Since a failing chimney can also cause structural damage to your roof and […]

5 Fireplace Safety Tips for Kids & Pets

Many children and animals are injured each year because they’re allowed to play too close to an open fireplace. Many of these instances could be prevented by following a few simple fireplace safety tips. Here are some ideas to keep your children and pets safe around a roaring fire. Set boundaries Fireplace fires don’t go […]

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