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Why Is Water Coming Through My Chimney?

Chimneys deal in smoke and fire so it’s no wonder homeowners are alarmed when they see streams of water pouring into their chimney. This can happen suddenly due to intense weather, or it can happen gradually as chimneys take a beating year after year. What has happened, what has gone wrong? The answer may not... Read more

Can I Use My Chimney Without A Liner?

When it comes to your chimney, matters of safety are the highest priority. Perhaps you had an inspection and were informed you do not have a chimney liner or maybe you recently purchased a home with a chimney but no liner and are wondering “how important is a chimney liner, anyway?” We’ll discuss the importance... Read more

How Much Maintenance Does A Gas Fireplace Need?

A fireplace is a thing of beauty, but it also takes a lot of maintenance, especially in winter months with daily usage. If you are considering a gas fireplace then you may be pleasantly surprised at how they differ from wood burning fireplaces. The good news is that gas fireplaces have a well-earned reputation of... Read more

What to Do If Sparks Are Coming Out of Your Chimney

Owning a fireplace is a luxury many people are lucky enough to afford. And with that, comes the painstaking and often relentless need to upkeep and maintain. Having a sweeper come to your home to clean and inspect is essential and is something you can do before problems arise, like embers coming out of your... Read more

Essentials Of Wintertime Fireplace Usage

There are few things cozier than sitting in front of a crackling fire on a cold winter evening. And if you are opting for a fire rather than using your thermostat, nothing more energy-saving as well. However, disappointment can arrive if you haven’t taken measures to inspect your fireplace properly or regularly. From making sure... Read more

4 Warning Signs that You Need Chimney Repair

To ensure that your chimney is safe and operating at peak capacity, be aware of these four warning signs of chimney trouble. Brick and mortar issues Cracks, looseness, crumbling and any other compromises in the bricks and mortar that make up your physical chimney can lead to serious problems down the line. A primary concern... Read more

Tips to Ensure Your Chimney is Ready for Cold Weather

Although winter is the time of year when fireplaces and heating stoves in Middletown, NY, and throughout the Hudson Valley are used the most, the cold, wet, and icy conditions typical of the season is when chimney damage is likely to occur. Also, if your chimney has signs of masonry damage, water leaks, or other... Read more

Do you have any of these 7 Common Chimney Problems?

You know what they always say – there is a first time for everything. It is especially true for chimneys. So, even though your chimney may appear safe and sound, it may be concealing these seven relatively common but potentially dangerous chimney problems. Spalling Bricks The freezing winter weather followed by warm and humid summers... Read more

A Chimney Cap Saves Thousands in Repair Costs

Chimney caps are the coverings you see at the top of chimneys. Built from metal, they can cover just the flue opening (called a flue cover) or the entire top area of the chimney, also called a full-width chimney cap. They’re simple devices, but don’t let their simplicity fool you: chimney caps are able to... Read more

Is it Possible to Prevent Creosote Buildup in My Chimney?

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